1150GS tank removal, question?

martin davy

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Jan 6, 2002
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Maldon Essex
The first time I took the tank off it was easy, undo everything and take it off - simple!

This time, when I took the fuel hoses off petrol pissed out all over the floor.

Why did this not happen on the first occasion?

Cuz you were lucky the first time?

On an 1150GS std there are no quick connect couplings normally. So if you disconnect the hoses and there's fuel in the tank, it just pours out. Real pita if you're not expecting it...

If you're lucky and there's little fuel in it, and most of that is on the left side of the tank, maybe you can get away with it and find no fuel on the floor.

On a GS Adventure there are quick couplings, maybe on a new 2003 std 1150GS too? They shut off when you disconnect them, so you'll never have a problem.

If you're planning on doing any regular work to your bike its worth investing in some quick release couplings, They're not expensive and they make life so much easier.

I got mine from BrackenBracken

Hope this helps
Simon T:beerjug:
Being the tight git that I am I made a couple of 'bungs' from some pieces of wooden dowel I had in the garage - approx 1" long and tappered to a point - bung both into the hoses and bobs your uncle!

Both also fit in to the tool tray where they live happily with the other bits and bobs.

I think the real solution are the quick release thingies.

They were fitted as standard to the 2002 1150s and also came standard on some of the earlier Ks so you should be able to get them from motorworks or motobins or sherlocks aswell.
At some stage you could have a rubber O ring problem with the quick release connectors.

Originally, I used extremely cheap brake & fuel line clamps that come apart and go into the tool box. After I upgraded to a 41 litre tank I also went the whole hog and put in snap connectors.

However one day one of the O rings jammed and petrol was trickling out so I kinked the hose and then put a line clamp on the hose which then allowed me to repair/replace the damaged O ring.

Already had an O ring prob.I had the tank off when wiring my spots.When I put the tank back on I managed to nick one of the o rings causing a small leak.I now carry a spare in the tool compartment.
The connectors are supposed to be alternate wayup so you dont mix up the hoses.
As for the o ring,it was the o ring on the male connector I nicked.I just pulled the old one off and slid on the new one.
I've put some quick release connectors on my 1100 tank to make it easier to get the bars off to do the oil changes. I fitted them on the pipe ends away from the tank as that seemed the straightest section of pipe that would put least stress on the plastic but now they are rubbing against each other and also the top one rubs on the HT lead and the lower one on the suspension yoke. Has anyone else fitted them on an 1100?


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