1150gs touratech headlight cover

andy malton

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Jan 3, 2002
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Harwich Essex
hi all,
has anybody else had a bad experience with this product , mine has just snapped off at one of the fixing pionts , it is just too brittle and breaks like glass , in my mind to fix this problem it has to be made bigger so the holes are further away from the edge and be made out of a more flexible material , so i have taken matters into hand and i took what was left to my local yacht builders , can you make me one of these ? i asked them if they had shatter proof perspex huh he said we have hurricane proof what we make windows out of , so how thick and what colour would you like ? huh :confused: em well a bit thicker and a slight tint would be nice , ok come back tomorrow , i did and :D
how much do i owe you then ? call it a fiver shall we , :D :D :D now thats what i call service.
Any chance that they'd be prepared to make some more?
I and I suspect many others would probably get one for a fiver!

Do you think there is any chance of them making up a couple more. Put me down for one if you can talk them into it.

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