12k service


My GS has 10,600 miles on the clock and need to travel about 3 to 3,500 miles in the next 3 weeks...
What does the 12k service comprise, what are the key service items?
Do I wait until I get back or find a dealer in Spain? (or change oil and filter myself and leave the rest 'till I get back..?)

I got caught with the same problem in Norway. I underestimated my mileage and as I made my way down into Sweden I went over the service limit. I found a dealer who could`nt do me a service in the time I was prepared to wait but sold me a filter `n oil and let me change it on the forecourt.
His advice was 3k overdue with an oil/filter change was perfectly acceptable.
I had my 24k service done at 26k. When I realised that this was going to happen, I rang my dealer and asked him about warranty problems etc. He advised me to keep checking the oil and not to worry. I'm now about to have the 30k service done some 6 weeks and 3500 miles later, to get the servicing back on schedule.

12K service


Phone your dealer, tell him you are nearing the service schedule for a 12000 mile service and make an appointment CONVENIENT TO YOU, not them so in this way you can go over the 12000 mile point. In any case if you've had the other services carried out a few extra thousand miles will not make a difference to your bike, provided that you do all the relevant safety and daily checks required. (You look like you will have done 2-2500 mile over)

Its going to be a pretty poor advert if a BMW dealer tells you that you must not go over the 12,000 point or else.

Modern oils and materials technology will enable you to ride on in confidence. But if you are really worried then find out if they could just carry out an oil and filter change, alternatively see if you can do that bit your self without affecting the warranty.

Me I wouldn't worry, just get on and enjoy your trip, get back to the dealer tell him you've been on an unexpectedly long by but vital journey and want the 12000 service doing ...please, they are hardly going to turn work away.
Thanks for advise guys - oil and filter change at 12k it is ...
then I'll have the full service when I can

Cheers - :moped:
and don't forget that the BMW Odometer runs at +10% so at 12k you've only really done 10.8k.
Talking of GS speedos reading exagerated mileage...I checked mine the other day against the GPS, having religeously switched it on every time I went out, and the GS speedo runs about 5% over.
Road Traffic law assumes an error of 10% when deciding to prosecute you for speeding so I`m not going to run out and make mods to my speedo drive..I think I can live with 5%

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