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High folks, you have helped me a few times during my world tour. Thanks to all that answered my questions.
Today I need some help on a few more things that do not work properly after 130,000 km on my R1100GS and many dirt road kms.
1. The ball joint of the front fork need to have worn. I guess I have to exchange. Any problems doing that.
2. The rear wheel bearing seems to have play. Do I need to exchange the bearings or is re-shimming OK? Can I do this by myself? What is your experience?
3. The timing chain tensioner right side sicks sometimes and the chain gives a terrible noise when the engine got started. After lossening the tensioner screw a bit it is alright. What wrong here? The tensioner still keeps the chain under tension.
4. The engine runs quite rough at idle and at higher rpms. The engine had been balanced at BMW. I unplugged the plugs of the injektors so that no fuel is injekted and when I unplug the right side the engine almost dies. Can the injektors be plugged with f.e dirt and can I clean them and how? Or do I need to replace them? I assume they are expensive.
5. The gear indicator does not work porperly. How can you repair it?
Thanks in advance from Western Australia Kai
Bike fixing in W.A.

I don't know the answers to your problems but seeing as you are in Western Australia may I recommend Munich Motorcycles , I'm sure they can help, They are at :- Unit 6/9, Hayden Court, Myaree, Perth, W.A. 6154
Tel: (08) 9317- 3317.
They are an independant BMW Bike dealership who I found very helpful when touring Australia. Now back in U.K.

Good luck and enjoy the trip,::(
Kai, the ball joint on the front is easy to replace and is quite cheap at about $95 Australian.

Yes Munich M/cycles would get my vote as well.

You could try the local BMW club


There are quite a few hard ridden BMW's over there and some of the people know how to get broken ones fixed reasonably well.

If the rear wheel is really loose, then I would seek professional help.

Either a BMW type shop or an auto differential repair shop.

Perhaps you should change the oil in the rear bevel drive and check to see if there is any metal coming out. If metal comes out, don't ride the bike unless you really have to and get some qualified people to look at it.

Fuel injectors can be cleaned and I think the modern way to do it is via sonic cleaners. I have a friend who took his injectors to a Diesel workshop for repair.


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