15/05/04 to 16/05/04 Boulder and Estes Park


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Feb 2, 2003
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15/05/04 Denver to Boulder 45 miles

I left my Motel in Denver headed for Estes Park 8,000ft up in the Rockies via Boulder.

On the way I passed a small airfield that was having an air show. I popped in to take a look and ended up spending 4 or 5 hrs there.
A nice guy who was a flying instructor started chatting to me an introduced me to his girlfriend. We talked about the great places I could go to next. It was great to spend an afternoon on an airfield again ( I use to fly microlights) although not much flying took place bacause a guy landed gear up just after I arrived ( no injuries).

I arrived in Boulder late afternoon and decided to stay. Its a great town! I could really live here. Great people, great bars, great restaurants, a lovely/lively high street ( Pearl St) and a very friendly/family atmosphere. A bit English but everyone seems happier. I had a great meal in a nice rest' and then hit a few bars , finally ending up in a live music venue 'til 2am.

16/05/04 Boulder to Estes Park, Rocky Mountain Ntl Park and Fort Collins 150 miles

On way to estes Park I find a small custom bike dealership in Lyon who are able to supply me with a headlamp bulb ( mine blew coming over the Rockies, obviously didnt like the cold either) so I whip out the headlamp and swap out the bulb. They have some amazing bikes, one is worth over $100,000.

I visit Estes Park, have a wander around, its a nice community set in amongst the mountains. I visit the Stanley Hotel ( used as the hotel in the classic horror movie "The Shining") and then go to Rocky Mountain Natl Park.

Great mountain views, the odd snow shower, roads are still closed above 11,500ft so I can go no further. Apparently there is still 25ft of snow near the top!? Lots of deer roaming around and grazing, a wolf crosses the road and strolls into the trees!

Its here that I have my first major problem which means I end up spending the late afternoon looking for a bike shop in the Fort Collins area and end up checking into a motel there! See thread 17/05/04.

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