2000 LC4 starter clutch.


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Oct 31, 2004
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Hastings, East Sussex
Hi guys, posted this on the ktm forum, but got no replies so will try here! The starter clutch needs sorting on my LC4 400. Advrider seems to think that this is easily doable as long as you have a flywheel puller (available fron fleabay for 15squid), but if the bike has the Kakusan ignition (which, from the parts fiche, mine possibly does), you can't use the locking bolt on the front of the engine in case it damages the crank. If so, how do I lock the crank? Has anyone done the job, is it doable, howlong did it take/cost, or would I be better off letting someone do the job for me?
Cheers, Martin.
Just had a chat with Swampy (Marsh Performance) about this. His advice is that he uses the locking bolt without any problems ....


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