2610 Updated Prices Please

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Mar 16, 2003
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I'm getting close to buying :confused: a 2610 and have found 'DigiWoo with a 2yr warranty @ £570.56' all in. Can anyone better this, and who are DigiWoo? Thanks.
I bought mine from Sport Extreme (but at that time they were £770-ish delivered :( ), Good service & a great product.


Do you have to pay duty if baught from Sport Extreme,their price inc shipping is £522.31 including VAT.
I don’t believe there is any additional duty to pay so long as the company is base in an EU country, Sportextreme is based in Denmark and part of the EU, as is Aspid (Portugal)
I didn’t pay any duty on the 276c from Aspid.
No. their prices are VAT paid within the EC countries. The only variable will be the exchange rate on the day you buy it, their prices are in Euros - the site indicates approx. what you would pay at that day's rate. Mine was delivered in about 4 days from ordering.


£554.95 all in from Global positioning systems and one year interest free credit if you need it not due in untill january though if you dont mind waiting
what else would one need to buy on top of the basic unit?

a handlebar mount obviously, cable to connect to bike12v?

what about earpiece thingy?

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