30/31 March Off Road Course

Davey B

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Mar 8, 2002
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Creuse, France
Now I know that Gazza's off on it the 2 days before us, but is anyone else out there booked on the same course as
the five of us off the e-group??
SideshowBob oops Barcelona Bob
Andrew Taylor
and me Dave Boulder
We're all booked in at the Abercrave Inn Saturday and Sunday night and it'll be a sight to behold Big Jez all #@ stone of him riding the 300 miles from Bradford on his trusty steed the old C90.
Me and my sister have booked onto the 30/31st March course. (at least I think so. I booked it before christmas but haven't received a confirmation yet!)

What is the deal regarding accomodation? I haven't booked anything yet.
I'm booked on it too, should have had the bike for about a month by then
Hey Guys,
did the course last September. It really is a weekend to remember. The instructors, the venue, everything absolutely fist class.
Is that the one below economy class where they punch your lights out on a random basis ? :D
yeah guys, i'll be there. i can top 300 miles: i'm travelling from braemar in scotland! (on the gs)

i'll try to arrange the same accomodation. can someone provide me with contact details for the abercrave inn?

is the fist class guaranteed?!
Abercrave Inn 01639 731002, about £30 per night (single room), foods excellent & beer too! Did the course 2 years ago (John Deacon, Simon Pavey); superb - the biggest 'learning curve' I've gone through. Theres a hill on the course that I initially would have bet a lot of money on the fact that 1) it probably wasn't 'do-able' & 2) sure as hell not by me. On day 2, did it!!!
Going back again this year 15th/16th June & can't wait.
davefelce said:
yeah guys, i'll be there. i can top 300 miles: i'm travelling from braemar in scotland! (on the gs)

i'll try to arrange the same accomodation. can someone provide me with contact details for the abercrave inn?

is the fist class guaranteed?!
Andy Taylor is traveling down to your course from Elgin, you should travel down together. I'm offshore or I would have come with you. I've tried to get on the 15/16 April and should know if I'm successful on Monday.

Have Fun
Andy T:cool:
You've got the details of the Abercrave Inn now. It £25 shared twin £30 single as is stated above. AndyTaylor is riding down to Yorkshire Friday and stopping overnight. I've got a big spare double bed you can share or kip on the floor or alternatively Jez, who's about 10 miles from me will put you up (i think) He's going down to S Wales on a C90 so will no doubt set off fairly early Saturday morning..
Get in touch with AndyTaylor should you want a riding mate for the long haul south.
Dave Boulder

I'm travelling from Welwyn Garden City on the Saturday, if you want to ride down together send me a pm

John - Running in adventure
Jez and I should arrive at the Abercraf Inn at around 3 to 4 pm after a leisurely blast and lunch stop en route, hit the bar their at about 5 pm for a meal and beer. everyone welcome. Don't know the area at all so don't know if there is anywhere better to eat but from past accts , its ok all ound (the abercraf inn that is)
Oh and don't take the piss out of XJ riding Jez, his chipped,tricked GS will be making an appearance as soon as he is living in the right postcode, a matter of days innit Jez?
I'm coming over from St Ives and staying in the castle Saturday, Sunday and Monday night (too disorganised to book before today!!!).

Anyone want to meet up some where near Oxford or Gloucester around midday?

A piccie to enjoy

Top weekend, thanks to Dave B for fixing the accomodation - Abercrave Inn, fantastic. Good to meet you all, hope you all got home safely - eventually. Bloody tiring standingup all the way down the M4 I can tell you....:D



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Swimming beemer

Its in there somewhere...


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Gotta agree wholeheartedly, yet again the best £££ i've spent on the bike......
Took about 100 photos before battery packed up just before the chance to get Simon Pavey or Nick plumb doing what AC pictured, oh and did Jez and I tell anyone we had a go on THE dakar bike of Plumby?? AWESOME.
This may not wotk, but heres Mr Cleverly doinga 45 degree rockstrewn uphill that the instructors thought s few of the 28 might like to do (we all had a go and got up, by hook or by crook i might add)

N0. can't do it. Help??
Dave B on the same hill

PS Dave, to get the piccie attached click 'Browse' next to the Attach File box and find your piccie on your hard drive - make sure its compressed (like I forgot to) and then click okay and post - should then look like this, maybe.


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Go on then how do i compress me picture?
Got through the first bit but came unstuck.
Anyone for the back to back beginners to advanced on the 10th to 13th August, just got the OK along with my divorce proceedings so........
Hey I'm serious (about the 4 day trip) Richard, Andy T, Dave F, Jez..............anyone else i missed????

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