30th Mar 2006 - Tucuman


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After a quick breakfast round the corner we set about taking the panniers off so we could get to the sub-frame, only takes 35 minutes even with them full, so not a bad length of time for 'fixed' panniers should you want to remove them for off roading etc (we never get the choice on this trip).


Stripping down the bike to get the sub-frame off for welding

We were wondering when the break actually happened, and I think it stems back to July 2004 when we were rear-ended by a fellow GS Club member on our way home. That caused the right hand original pannier and frames to be wrecked, and for part of the bracing on the back of the sub-frame to tear. Quite conceivable that that impact also weakened the web at the front.
No two ways about it though, the damage was caused by the excessively bad roads we've encountered. We are carrying a lot of weight with being two up and luggage for two, so the sub-frame has really loaded off road. The earlier g/s models had a weak sub-frame, but the later ones like ours, certainly don't. It's the only explanation we can find anyway.

As the city takes its siesta seriously we weren't hopeful of getting anything done fast, but turning up at Torneria Mechanica de Ernesto Hamada, Suipacha 282, San Miguel de Tucuman we were pleasantly surprised. The owner is of Japanese descent, whether that makes any difference, but we had half an hour until siesta o'clock, but no problems stripping the bike for the work.

The sub frame came off reasonably easily, just one minor bolt snapped, and one of the sub-frame mounting bolts sheared too. In the right place for replacements !

With the wiring tucked away there was plenty of easy access for welding and the down spar being completely separated means it can be strengthened with a bar through the tubing as well as welding up.

I noticed the silencer had a crack and is blowing slightly there so they will patch that small bit up too. Couldn't resist starting bike with silencer off, wow, wonderful, like a big block Chevy. With the sub-frame off it looks a wonderful basis for a nice street fighter / chop !


BM R100GS low rider, do you know I like the look! Check out that cool ´stacker´exhaust. Mi Gusto mucho! (and the SOUND!)

By coincidence they are 'especialidad in soldura de aluminio' too, but we'll leave the box repairs for now, should hold out. They have fractures right along the welds where they were repaired previously.


DIY assemble yourself sub-frame kit !

We can return at 5 to collect which sounds excellent, the owner’s son drove us back and we're close enough to be able to walk easily. If all done, we should get bike back together in daylight which would be good.

Couldn't resist starting bike with silencer off, wow, wonderful, like a big block Chevy. With the sub-frame off it looks a wonderful basis for a nice street fighter / chop !

Well on returning at 5 it wasn’t exactly done, but it was then ! Not the finest artisan job, but fit for purpose and with a bit of welding on the silencer where there were (you guessed) some fatigue cracks, and the welding up of the sub-frame it was all of 40 Arg peso´s, or under eight quid. Can’t argue at that. Mind that’s what I thought with the pannier repairs, and they cracked back along the welds, so let’s hope that doesn’t happen with this.

Think the bike will need some tender love and care when we get home after this trip !

So, all in all a good days work, getting it all sorted in an afternoon is a result after all, ready to head off tomorrow, South some more, perhaps part of the way to Cordoba, seen some hills on the way that look an interesting route.

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