650 X Country - anyone got one..


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Jul 4, 2005
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Cape Town, South Africa
....and how have you found it?

I have recently sold my GS and will wait for the 2008 1200GS to be available, but am looking for something to ride till then.

I want something to commute on, and to go play with off-road on the weekends. The X Challenge is far too tall for me at 5,7". Also, am not looking for a tourer, so top speed not critical (anything around 80mph will be fine).

Lastly, as this is a 6 month "filler" I dont want to have to spend money modifying or changing the thing.

All comments appreciated, especially ito off road use.

The G650 Xcountry sounds ideal for what you want, but in the UK it's an incredibly overpriced bike. To rub that in, the forthcoming 800cc F650GS twin will be priced £300 lower than the G650 Xcountry.

I suspect you would take a HUGE hit on the resale value, so it all depends on what price you can get one at.
I had one as a loan bike for the day and found it bloody uncomfortable. I would take it for a test ride and see if it fits you.
To rub that in, the forthcoming 800cc F650GS twin will be priced £300 lower than the G650 Xcountry..

Thanks Tim - didn't realise that. Very strange marketing decision if you ask me! Took one for a ride and thought it was great. Lots standing in the dealers showrooms, so may be able to negotiate a discount ;). Failing that, I might just end up with a Honda or something orange :blast

any advice on this

i am alas a lowly owner of the g650 x country, i want the daddy but am in London on a short commute and cannot justify it yet,to be fair its great for the urban commute, anyhoo, i wonder what people think about me putting a akrapovic sports silencer thing on it, i only paid 4k for the bike, is it worth another £600 to whack it on, will it make me feel more manly, does it sound that much better and will performance be improved?
Any advice would be great.
There is nothing lowly or "unmanly" about the XCountry this guy entered the a 3 x 25 mile Enduro event on one... Hat's off


Hie did however lose his reg plate!

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