650GS engine knock pt2

Chris Wood

Thanks to those who replied to part 1. I found the "chain gang" website very useful.
I think I have found the engine knock problem, its the cam chain. I have removed the hydraulic cam chain tensioner. It is 35 mm long and appears to be made up of two cylinders, one inside the other. The inner cylinder top is flush with the outer cylinder top and appears to be jammed solid. The inner cylinder has a hole drilled in the side and a ball bearing valve at the bottom.
I believe the inner cylinder should expand and slide out of the outer. It must have been jammed from new and has only caused a problem now as the cam chain has worn and the jammed cylinder cant take up the slack.
Anyone had a look at a cam chain tensioner or got a picture of how one should look.
Any advice/pictures gratefully received. If you have not got digital photos you can fax me on 01442 823510.

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