650GS engine knock

Chris Wood

My 12,000 mile 2.5 years old 650GS has developped a knock from the engine which is particuarly noticable at tick-over.
BMW dealer Hughendons agree that there is something seriously wrong but are reluctant to strip the engine because of the likely cost as they do not know where to start looking. They do not think that BMW will be prepared to pay as a goodwill gesture and have suggested that I "let the fault develop".
Anyone else had any problems with engine knocks on this model? I have been told that it is not the clutch, valve clearance, cam chain or loose exhaust inner sleeve. It sounds to me like a big end or main bearing - but I hope not.
650GS Knocking

Chris, Not sure what the problem is, but would suggest that if nobody here can help, then post the question on the chain gang web site, www.f650.com
the chain gang site is excellent. Short of doing the spannering for you, someone there should be able to help.
Could you be hearing the automatic valve decompressor? does the noise go away once the revs rise? Just an idea.
Hope all goes well........

Paul W

It's probably the cam chain tensioner.
Back when I had my 650GS (march 2000) I had to take it in 4 or 5 times before it was sorted (between 10 to 12k miles). It was actually a faulty part that worked for a while then failed. Made the bike sound (even more) like a tractor.
That was one of the early models (like yours) ... should have been sorted by now.
The mechanic at Pidcocks said that he'd informed BMW UK at one of their workshops, so they should be aware of the problem. He modified the part by hand.

Good luck.......

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