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After logging an interest in getting broadband in our village, I’ve just received an e-mail from BT saying the exchange has reached it’s target figure and we will get broadband access in August.
Am I correct in saying I don’t have to use BT’s £29/month service and can sign up with another service provider, Wanadoo for instance?
Will I need to get the line from BT first or will another SP do all this for me?
Also has anyone got any recommendations for other SP’s?
By law you are not restricted to BT. Do a search on LLU's (Local Loop Unbundle). Not all ISP's take advantage of LLU and instead act as VISP's to BT. Check out other major carriers like Easynet who will open a loop. The advantage of ISP's who open their own loops is that you can often get either a faster / better connection and / or have less line contention.
do you have a BT telephone line? not sure from your post.

if so, you can sign up with anyone. try eclipse or plusnet, both seem good value at the moment.

AFAIK the LLU thing is not widely available.

check all providers out here
i'm with nildram myself, and until lately would have recommended them wholeheartedly.

sadly their admin & pricing currently leave something to be desired. tech aspects are still good however.

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