A day oot with the Gas Board


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Feb 1, 2003
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Believe it or not, some of us are popular enough to have other pals to play with at the weekend.
Today, the Scottish Gas bikers went out for a weerideoot. It was for some charity or other, and it cost me a tenner for the privilege.
We went to a part of the country largely ignored by the eastsiders, but what a nice day oot.
Crossed the Arskine bridge and headed to loch long for nibbles, onto 'the rest and be thankful' . On to Dunoon and a ferry trip back to Gourock.
Lovely roller coastr roads and lovely scenery.
Only problem was the getting through the boring bit from Edinburgh to Glasgow.
Large variety of bikes from K12lt to R1s. Makes a change.
Why are most of my weekend trips almost exactly 300 miles. Strange

On the ferry.

I used to take my bike across on that ferry every couple of weeks when visiting a high maintenance girly;) living in Kilmun, just round the Loch from Dunoon.
Very nearly went to live there.....as you do:rolleyes::)

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