A few remarks about IQUE 3600

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Mar 16, 2003
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I Have one and have been running it in the car and a 44 tonner.
My boss gives me the delivery address, ie. Commerce Rd. Stranraer, to arrive at 0230 last saturday morning. Never been to Stran. but GPS took me to the road direct, great bit of kit, and it plays MP3 music, has a great Alarm, a massive address book, imagine trying to find an English speaking Local at that time :D The only problem comes when trusting implicitly when the Thing tries to Stuff a 14' high trailer under a 13'3" railway bridge :mad: is there a way of programming Height into the equation :confused:
Thought you were retired you old git.


Hope your going to make P Town.

Problem is the mapping does not have height clearances in it.

Maybe in the future...
Retired, yes. ;) Still get earache over Toy Money, so moonlight now and again. :rolleyes:
The Party on the Moor will have the dubious honour of my Presence :D :beer: :beerjug: I'ts me Birfday tomorrow :hpbirthda so you can all line 'em up on the bar Friday or Saturday at The Plume :beerjug:
Well done on making another birthday. An inspiration to all the over 70's out there.

I'm sure a pint or two could be arranged but only if you bring a doctors note.

P.S Don't bring another slab of Kestral Black Rob, it makes me talk to cockney types who get me in trouble with the wife.



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