A fix for the stupid BMW Boots

ricardo kuhn

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Feb 9, 2003
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san francisco ca
I think this are call "kalahari" great boots,exept for the ULTRA CHessy buckes that hold the boot togheter,,
they are not only expose, but very flemssy and low quality..

I hope this help to get those old boot that you don't use any more because the mecanical part is broken..they work Great

I have all the part numbers form sidi if you need them,,maybe i post them later




look how LAMME that is

ohh..yeah bigger is better

If you want to see more pictures check HERE
here are the SIDI part numbers

I'm sure other brands will work too,,but the sidi's are more or less perfect in size(the square base were the triger is mount is the same size than the leather tongue that old the mecanisum,,,you will see)

206503....Quantity=2 pars. ...black buckle off road.....$ 4.95 X par

206746...'quantity=2 pars......sidi bottom(holder)........$2.50 X par

206400....quantity=1 par........long boot strap..............$4.95 X par

206401....quantity=1 par.......short boot strap.............$4,95 X par
Hi Ricky , I have the same boots with the same cheesy buckles. When you changed then did you have to go through the gortex inner to fix the new rivets on the sidi buckles ? If so won't this ruin the waterproofing ?
Heine Gerike sell a boot which is almost identical to the BMW boot & they sell spare buckles which I think you will find fit the BMW's

I don't have a problem with the buckles on mine (apart from the bottom ones opening themselves sometimes).
My problem is that the Goretex is broken somewhere in the toe area and they therefore leak. Cannot find anyone to fix them.
I've just bought the Hein Gericke "Toureg" to replace them. £135 can't go wrong at that price.

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