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Mar 14, 2003
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to all those that attended this weekend. It was well worth gambling on the weather as we must have had the only sunshine in the area all weekend.
The walkers barely saw a drop until we got within half a mile of the pub, with me in my shorts for the whole walk. Those that went for the ride out were also rewarded with only passing showers on occasion.
Special thanks has to go to Humbug for supplying our catering needs and leading the road ride bimble, using his local knowledge to take the group to parts of Exmoor they may well never have seen, had they ridden on their own.
I also had a great surprise, when a tap on my shoulder, in the pub, announced the presence of some dodgy old reprobate that i haven't seen since we were last in Brendon 8 years ago. It was great to see him and, for all this old faces on here that know him, he was in fine fettle and sends his wishes to you all. Whilst you cogitate as to who that person may be, i'll load some pictures…

Sandy and I headed up Friday morning and, as the weather was so good, i decided to stop off near Porlock and take Sandy for a warm up walk in an area i've not walked before…

These were our campsite neighbours

On the way from ther pub for Friday supper in t'campsite

which was a bit chilly in the breeze, but dry!

So dry that we stayed in the site instead of going back to the pub.

And on to the big walk and yes, that is sunshine…

I think there were some tired legs at this point…

Saturday evening at Humbug's Diner..

And just who was this surprise guest???

Well knock me down with a feather, if it 'ain't old Uncle Albert aka Pete Harris. How is the old boy?

Glad you all had a great time Rich and I'm only sorry that couldn't join you this time.
and a few more…

9 pints in and trying to operate technology…

and i believe there are a few more to come!:thumb
Looks like a cracking weekend and you did well to avoid the rain we had over this side of the moor yesterday afternoon!
Good to see everyone looking so well.
And a big thank you from me, for those key organisers Madmountainman, and Humbug and Paula.
Made quite a change from simply going round in small circles.
Good to see you all.
Brian (you can call me brian)
+1 Thanks to everyone who made this such a memorable weekend and my first UKGSER event.

Uncle Albert led us all astray, had far too much to drink, but that helped deal with the glorious camping weather:thumb2

Great craic
Thank you, Rich and Sandy for organising the weekend, Humbug and Paula for the catering and every one else for making it a really good weekend :thumb2
That cider was good, though I'm sure the barman was telling porkies when he told me it wasn't strong :eek:

Cheers everyone :jager
Cracking w/end, many thanks to Richard for organising the event.
I think we just got away with the weather........
A great weekend Richard.

The odd drops of rain didn't come anywhere near to dampening spirits.

Had a lot of laughs :clap:clap
Totally gutted I couldn't come but glad you all had a great time. Kids have to come first even when they are 23 :rolleyes:
Thanks Rich, Sandy, Paula and Andy. Good to see new faces and those reprobates who always seem to be there :thumby:

Jill and I had such a good time we couldn't make it out of bed early enough to see you all off. Cracking heater in the new camper van. Just Ash and Mr Cob and his good lady remained to make sure we got off the site ok. :clap

Special thanks to Andy and Paula for the most excellent food. Also Rich's fabulous Rhubarb and Polenta cake :drool:drool:drool

Val & Jill
Looks like you guys had a real blast. This is the second event in as many months I've had to miss out on because of the little cherubs. I'm banking on third time lucky!!
Sorry I couldn't get over for more than a few hours Saturday, Thanks to Andy and Paula for the great food. Next time I will make it for the whole weekend :rob

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