A spec for an R1150GS


Time has come to spec a new bike. Local dealer has pre-ordered bikes with the spec:

R1150GS in yellow
Pannier carriers on rear (without panniers)
Blackened engine parts
White lights/Orange bulb indicators
Heated grips

Obviously there can be changes on a factory order... The list of options seems wide but the spec of off the self seems to raise more problems than it solves?

How good is the flat (non metallic paint) - is it laquered like a metallic?

Are BMW panniers a safe/expensive option?

Is blackened paint worthwhile? Is it prone to chipping or is the silver finish more durable?

The white indicators look cool but do they offer an advantage?

The bike I test road had ABS and the balanced breaks where great - not sure I experienced it in operation - worth the money?

Heated grips good idea (I'm not a thru the winter biker...)
mexican said:
..The bike I test road had ABS and the balanced breaks where great - not sure I experienced it in operation - worth the money?...

..only YOU can really answer that, but, hazarding an opinion here, you'll get a part of the cost back when you resell the bike, unlike some of the other options available, all I can say is that ABS works!
Re: Re: A spec for an R1150GS

BawdyMonk said:
..only YOU can really answer that, but, hazarding an opinion here, you'll get a part of the cost back when you resell the bike, unlike some of the other options available, all I can say is that ABS works!
True - ABS - pay 750 - get back 400+ on selling bike, so true cost is 350 during bike ownership.

Heated grip - I do like the idea of this!

White Lights/Blackened engine parts - they are free - but is there a benefit or disadvantage?

When yo buy panniers - do you not get the monting plates anyway?
The spec you're quoting is becoming pretty standard now. The black engine will give no more problems than silver and is a benefit if you spill petrol down the engine casing when removing the tank (something that will need to be done when servicing etc.). The petrol stains the silver engine but the staining isn't noticeable on the black engine, although some people have commented that the black engine is more difficult to keep clean generally. Other than that, the black option is cosmetic only and on some bikes (yellow, silver) looks better than silver IMHO.
The clear lenses for the indicators is also an aesthetic choice. Personally, I believe that standard orange lens indicators are easier to see for other motorists but others disagree. So, there could be a marginal safety issue, but I do feel that they look better (especially on a graphitan, black, or blue and white bike).
The pannier rails do not come as standard. They do not come with the panniers. Like all BMW parts and accessories they are separately priced. They are useful to have even if you don't yet have panniers as there's virtually nothing to attach straps or bungees to on the back of the bike. As aftermarket add-ons these would cost you about £80.
ABS and heated grips are become expected "extras" and will certainly make your bike more saleable in the future. I don't find the heated grips particularly useful in really cold weather, but they are very good in spring or autumn when the there is a chill first thing in the morning or in the evening and you're wearing summer gloves. Hand guards improve their usefulness. But, you'll still get frozen finger tips when it's really cold. The main advantage of an ABS and heated grip bike spec'd from the manufacturer is that you get a more powerful battery and alternator fitted as standard. Whilst the non-ABS bike doesn't need these, fitting heated grips and extra electrical equipment later does affect the battery and alternator.
Hope this helps.

I started out with the BMW panniers, very good bit of kit BUT they are a pain to pack, all silly little mouldings where you have to stuff odd socks etc.
Since chainged to ally ones that give a somewhat rugged look but are a piece of p#@# to pack, drop in the well made tailor made bag and away you go. Depends whether you like the look of the metal ones (look at Verns monster sized ones) and will utilise them fully.

The info was useful... What size battery/alternator is provided with an ABS/Heated grip factory bike?

I think I could be happy with the black finish - its only to certain components. I agree about the white lights not being quite so visible to other motorists and style isn't everything. The pannier rails being useful in their own right is also good to know.

You mentioned the hand guards - they are supplied in the package.

I also spec'd up a GS Adventure - if I wanted the same windshield on the GS the price differential seems to be only about UKP 100 - is this because heated grips and ABS are standard (they are not listed as an option).

In general what sort of a deal might I get from a good dealer - there is no finance to consider? I will keep my other bike for time being and sell it privately.

So I could ask the dealer to swop the white lens for orange and there would be no reason not to buy...
The Adventure has both ABS & Heated Grips as an option (ie they are not standard) - unless this has changed recently.


My mistake - ABS and heated grips are an extra. The BMW virtual garage doesn't list them but dealer advises that they do cost extra.

I'm thinking:
Yellow and silver (or yellow and black if that's all that's available)

Trad. Orange light covers
Pannier rails (guess I will buy the panniers before too long (grin)
Heated grips and hand covers

OTR is about UKP 9100 (Basic OTR is UKP 8000)

I know that BMW dealers don't like to cheapen the deal, which also helps to keep residual values up. How much of this stuff can expect the dealer to put together with the base GS? (I won't be PX or financing the bike).
BMW dealers can sell as many GSes as the factory send them, so don't expect any discount on the list price of the bike. There should be some leeway (15% or so) on any accessories that you buy at the time (these can include clothing, panniers etc etc) - my dealer also got me 'trade' on Touratech and Wunderlich gear I ordered at the time - and fitted it for free (not a minor job, it included panniers) .


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