ABS reset issues


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Feb 6, 2008
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London, England
I need to reset my ABS after fiddling with some of the wiring. I have connected my Starcom1 bluetooth adaptor power lead to the horn fuse, which has apparently caused all the problems. The bluetooth works fine but the ABS has started blinking alternately. I have following the ABS reset sequence as described in this thread:


I have also removed the bluetooth adaptor and tried the reset again. No joy.

Following the advise on the above thread, and please excuse my electrical ignorance here, but what exactly does "ground" mean? Can I attached the other end of the lead directly to any part of the frame, or does it need to go somewhere specific?
Alternate blinking of the ABS lights might be slightly low battery, ride for ten miles then stop and restart the engine it might go out, otherwise I pull the clutch in with the bike rolling in 5th gear, switch off key, back on then dump the clutch and bump start it, you then need to stop the bike and ABS will reset as it begins to roll again, Earth or ground should mean any part of the metal structure of the bike.
Still problems

I rode the bike in to work today (about 40 minute run). There doesn't appear to be anything wrong with the battery, or a dip in the voltage. I would need to check this further to confirm though.

I grounded a connecting wire from the blue/brown connection on the diagnostics plug to the exhaust pipe just under the gearbox. After holding the ABS button down for about 10 seconds, and letting go, both ABS lights came on and stayed on (no blinking). I had to let go the ABS button to see this though, nothing would happen while the ABS button was being pushed.

When I turned the ignition off and then on again, the ABS lights would blink alternately again, indicating that the problem is still not resolved. I tried this reset method a number of times, but still no joy.

I'm stumped.:nenau Anyone got any ideas?
Have you charged the battery? mines just slightly low and I get the alternating lights until I stop/start the engine, and that can take a good few miles, especially if you are using lights etc and the RPMs are fairly low, once started with the alternating lights a press of the ABS button makes one go out and one remain on, thats the "ongoing dialogue" the bike is having with you, the alternating lights return after four minutes, just to keep reminding you that its inoperative, pressing the ABS button during startup should disable the ABS and (I think) give you both lamps constantly lit, optimate only charges them slowly and can take a couple of overnight sessions to bring a low battery up to the high state ABS seems to need.
PS this all applies to my 1100, your bike might be slightly different, but I doubt it will be very different.
Does your bike have servo brakes ?

You must use the battery earth to be sure. It's only 3 inches away from the diagnostic plug :rolleyes:
Servo brakes

The bike is a '52 1150GSA. Not sure about the servos, how can I check, and what difference does it make?

What baffles me is everything was working fine until I attached the bluetooth adaptor. Is it possible the voltage dropped during the installation processs?

It might be worth mentioning the rear ABS sensor is quite new (a month old). This problem occurred a couple of months back and the rear sensor needed replacing. The battery voltage was checked then as a possible fault but that was fine.

I'll give it try again with the grounding it at the battery terminal, but I'm not holding my breath...
ABSolute misery

Its ABS II, so no servo's. Also the ignition was only on to test the bluetooth adaptor, never longer then 20-30 seconds at a time.

Hope that sheds some light.
Problem Solved!

It ended up not being an electrical problem, thank the Lord.

It was simply a dodgy connection to the rear sensor. It seemed a bit loose, tightened it up and that was the end of das blinken lights.

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