across the river in a tree BMW's float?

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Jan 8, 2002
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...on the road
We are both officially knackered and and very happy to be in Accra in Ghana. Getting here was hard work, especialy Mali.

Well since our last post we've had more than a few 'arse clenchers', not least of which was the clever idea of crossing the Senegal river into Mali by putting both bikes (one at a time) into a pirogue (tree trunk with a hole in the middle). Talk about nervous....! Having ridden for two days through forest and scrub to get to the river side, we presumed (doom, doom, i hear you cry.) there'd be a bridge of some type...nope. Just two very happy locals looking for some business. The idea of turning back, was stomach churning and we were told that there was no bridge for several hundred Km in iehter direction, so we didn't have much choice.

We've just anaged to upload new content onto our website, just go to

here another piccy below

all the best
Simon & Lisa T:beerjug:


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a piccy of Lisa's F650GS afloat...


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That's seriously scary....
I'm presuming that there are no obvious tears posted that you or more importantly :D the bike made it to the other side OK?
Just took a look at your WWW chaps...very nicely done and some great stories!!!

Ride safe and good luck to the pair of you!

safe on the other side

Thanks for the kind words...

Yep we did manage to get to the other side safely, although, what with the stripping of fuel tanks, kit and then the loading and unloading of bikes from the dug-outs the whole excercise took several hours.

Simon T:beerjug:

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