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Jan 6, 2002
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I have recently added a printer/scanner/copier to the IT kit at home, it is an HP 2100 and I have now found that the existing 128 RAM on the PC is insufficient and the it keeps locking up and I have to restart all the time.

Am I right in presuming that I need to 'add RAM' & if so is it a simple task of just poping in to local IT shop, buying 256 'ram boards' & pluging in...If not what should I be looking for in advance of purchase. There is at least 1 spare slot adjacent to the existing RAM board that is empty.


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pretty much - at a guess i'd say you want maybe a 256k pc133 memory 'stick' or SDRAM. there's no voodoo to it - buy the right stick, plonk it in the slot, boot up and away you go.

double check with your shop - tell them what machine it is and they'll confirm spec.


(having said that, i take no responsibility if it doesn't work!! i've done myself loads of times fine tho, and i'm a novice/bodge-merchant)
are you sure insuffiient RAM is the problem?

having said that, adding RAM is easy, buing the right sort less so.

i'd buy it from "crucial". good product, great on-line RAM selector and cheap.

Does your machine lock up when you are using the printer or is it a random thing. If its random their may be a resource conflict. I assume that your new HP device is a USB item. If you can check your resources (varies with operating system) it may be something simple

this is my work machine (windows 2K). A conflict will be highlighted.

If you are not sure just post your operating system and machine and I will run you through it.


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i cannot imagine that 128mb of RAM is insufficient to run a scanner unless (perhaps) you are scanning at some huge resolution or possibly you are using windows XP which does need lots RAM but seldom locks up.

causes of pc's "locking up" are many. are you using a windows 98 install that's a couple of years old? i never got one past 9 months!

are you using 95 which has very shaky USB support? doubtful as only last version had any.

ropey old PSU's are also suspect, especially if you have added additional drives, modern graphics cards etc.
Adding Ram

It is Win 98, I have added 1 CDR/RW a few months ago and all was well until Iadded the Hewlett Packard info.

It is a 3 in one scanner/printer/copier if that makes any difference.

sounds rather like W98 random screw up.

get any error messages? or does it just lock up?

only locks up with scanner? uninstall drivers & reinstall with latest drivers from hp website. look on hp website for any patches or info regarding compatability with your existing equipment (doubtful).

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