Adventure crash bars on a GS1150


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Mar 17, 2002
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Cloppa Castle
No i'm not crazy i got um cheap :)
The only mods were to cut down the sides of the sump guard
and drill 4 holes.
Its a good fit with the 41ltr tank .
Probably not as protective as H+B bars but much better looking IMO.............


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"Suit you Sir !" :D

My what a good looking machine u have there Gates....!

Time to put some miles on the clock - before "Sammy Millers" gets to put it on display !

Bilks.:thumb :helmet

lovely bike - they are food for cruising easy rider style. They dont protect the rocker cover much (have seen a couple of minor offs. Ans if you stall and hit your shin on the bars you´ll be swearing for some time....

But you are right they look better than the others so what the hell
gauloises - I don't know if you get tired of hearing this - your bike sure is one tasty bit of kit mate :thumb

I've had the opportunity to test my bars ( fairly regularly LOL ) and they work great - follow Spanish Bobs advice and watch out for your shins...

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