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I know there has been another thread about this elsewhere, but I couldn't find it.

I have had a couple of occassions when the Adventure has come close to toppling over on its side stand with a full tank and the boxes with minimal loads. I have also had it sink in hot tarmac easily. I have carried out the following mod that sits the bike more upright whilst still retaining some angle of lean and improving the footprint for the softer surfaces. It is simply an aluminium disc that is roughly 12mm thick with a recess in the middle for the locnut to hide in. The leading edge follows the same radius as the original stand , so it doesnt hang any lower when riding. It is simple and cheap, the only mod to the bike was to drill a hole in the middle of the original pad for the bolt.I had some initial concerns that the added weight to the pad may make it prone to bouncing when in the up position, but the springs seem to cope with it ok. This is my working prototype. If I do some more, I will tidy it up and get it anodised. If anyone else is interested in one let me know .


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As you can see it tucks up out of harms way reasonably well.


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