Advice which model


Hi Guys I need some advice on which Garmin GPS to get I am a complete novice with GPS, I want something simple to use on the Bike & in the tin can the models I am looking at are;
Garmin GPS 111 plus personel navigator
Garmin GPS V personel navigator deluxe
Garmin street pilot peronel standard
I know the street pilot 111 deluxe is the best one on the market but it's to rich for me, so it's out of the three I have listed.
Any advice would be very helpful
Thanks in advance
Get the GPSV and use it for a while. When you are happy that you like the GPS idea buy a GPS60C and sell the V. This way you will have the map software for the GPS 60C

So the GPSV will set you back 250 quid.
The GPS 60C 325quid but with no maps so you use the maps from the V and then sell it for 200.

Total price 275. Gets you into GPS with a fast unit and more memory. Just an idea...

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