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Dec 10, 2002
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I reckon that an Aerostitch Roadcrafter could be the way forward for me year round clothing wise (I even think that they are stylish but then again I think the GS is the best looking bike in the world and I had my house built out of concrete so I may have 'alternative' taste).

The problem has to be the import tax. How much might I have to pay and other than friends in the US is there any way round this??

Does anyone have a roadcrafter? What are the up / downsides of this rather expensive bit of clobber?
I've had a Roadcrafter 2 piece for a couple of years and would highly recommend it. The service when ordering over the phone was excellent and the advice given was perfect - if you're not sure of your size, give them your measurements/ build etc and they will tell you exactly what size will suit you best. I've used the suit in most conditions and it worked well in all but the most extreme. I think its fair to say that no suit will do everything, the aerostich is Goretex but can be prone to leaks around the crotch area in constant driving rain for long periods and can be a tad warm in extremely hot conditions (over 35c). Bear in mind that you are supposed to wear it over normal clothing, but it does have a plethora of vents so you can normally get a good flow of air circulating. I also think the quality of the suit is top notch and easily justifies its price - in the USA. And therein lies the rub, if you get stung for the duty it does become a very expensive bit of kit, I think the duty on mine was around £250, you pays your money etc... Pedro

Hi Heston,

Think about the Darien esp if you're riding year round. Not quite as quick to get in and out of, but 100% waterproof.
Also I find the extra flexibility of a separate jacket +pants useful in the Autumn\Spring when I usually ride with the jacket and leather keks. I think the Roadcrafter has a two piece option as well. Top kit.
I've had a roadcrafter for three years, daily use into London, it is a fantastic bit of kit, very quick in and out BUT not 100% waterproof as a result. You get leaks around the crotch in heavy rain, easily overcome in those conditions by a lightweight over jacket. They are very well made and mine still look like new.

All in all well worth it, if you are serious about buying PM me and I may be able to help you save some cash.

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