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Jun 22, 2002
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I have got a pair of spare air intakes (1150 GS) that have been shortened by the same amount, and also smoothed/rounded off where they have been cut for sale £12.00 inc p&p, then you can keep your standard ones and play about to experience the difference.
Call me on 07836 784351 Colin
Apparently the people in the know say that you shouldnt smooth the cuts as the air going into the air box is used more efficiently if disturbed?
commments anyone??

Roughness inside the tube is good for turbulance, roughness around the edge is bad. We found air flow througth the cylinder head was better on customer engines with slightly rougher passage ways than some of our more closely worked heads. Result, customers were more than pleased that they could keep up or pass our own guys. Eddy currents and turbulance can do more to improve an engines performance than some of the finest polishing, fact.
inlet turbulence

These Ecotek gadgets are supposed to improve combustion by introducing turbulence into the inlet manifold:

According to the FAQ they're not suitable for "some boxer engines with multiple carburettors". I guess that rules out the GS then.

I wondered about fitting one to the car though. Anyone know if they actually work?

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