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I've been looking around for a small but reliable air pump to carry on trips, came across this > Best Products < which seems pretty good, has anybody got, or had the use of one?
I'm sure that it's a nice piece of kit but $75 isn't cheap!!

I bought something similar from Canadian Tire last year for $15CAN - about £7! Still works well.

Touratech have a similar one, for 99EUR

I've made my own, starting from a cheapo of about 10EUR, tore down the plastic housing and made an aluminium box around it. Looks a bit like the TT one, except for the manometre. I didn't keep that, because I have a digital pressure gauge that's quite precise.

I'll post a picture later if I don't forget...

Bloody Hell Migs, you're a genius, I couldn't do that to save my life, my can opener has to have the instructions on it!:confused:
If you really don't want to spend to much and have something that will last long and cheap enough to replace try this link......

<a href=";jsessionid=JTGJ1EOISYVVFCJO2C3CIIQ?_dyncharset=UTF-8&q=&n=12269-69&pn=1&pd=1&pi=1&cn=1&cd=1&x=9&y=5">12V Air compressor</a>

Fit the correct adaptor and off you go for under £16.

Yup, that's the thing I started from:


Except it was more like £6 instead of £12.59. Only, this thing was rather big and the plastic housing contains mostly air :banghead:.

So I removed the plastic and the meter, then put the rest in a square alu box.

Still gonna post that pic tonight...
Here's the plastic thing I started from and the alu box I ended up with. Looking at it, there's not that much difference in size is there? :confused:

But it looks more GS worthy anyway :coold

Oh well, only cost me some alu plate I had in the garage anyway and a few hours of fiddling. :D



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After reading a thread on this subject on the ADVrider site, I'm quite tempted to fit a small compressor in the space I have under the tank, ahead of the battery* (where the ABS pump goes - mine's non-ABS). It could be permanently wired in, with an air line long enough to reach either wheel, coiled on top of the air cleaner cover. I've got a cheapy compressor that would probably do the job - is it reasonably straightforward to fit a length of hose (I'm guessing just a jubilee clip)?


*If I can fit it in, alongside my Alarm & Autocom :D
I use a small U.S high pressure bicycle handpump from Halfords. It goes up to 40psi, one version has a sort of pressure guage in it, and it is short enough for me to strap it to the air intake tube under the tank edge. Used it several times, works fine, cost about 12 quid. Can't say the physical effort was especially hard either.

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