Airhawk Opinions ?


Has anyone reading this actually got of of these: Seats.htm

...things? I saw one in Bykebits (Yateley) last week, and it looks a superb idea, and well made, but no way am I going to drop 150 quid on somehing like this "on spec".
I think it's a case of try it and see. I had one but couldn't get on with it.

I couldn't find the right level of inflation which didn't either pitch me forward or else have all the air go where I wasn't sitting on it! It also rubbed the inside of my thighs - Oooh matron :)

But others swear by them. Airhawk/Bykebitz do a 60 day no quibble guarantee.

I gave mine a good try but in the end sent it back after 5 or 6 weeks. No problem. Good service.

Be aware it does increase the seat height by an inch or so. The other thing (which is maybe where I went wrong) is to get the right version that best suits your seat.


I'm going end this month on a 4000 km journey, and wouldn't think about doing it with the Airhawks. I'm also taking thebike off road with it for part of the trip, and it will not represent any problems.

You do need to get used to the air cushion, with your body moving into corners, but you can use it to your advantage if you get to grips with the movement.
i have an airhawk

bought it earlier this year to do johnno on the multistrada.

it worked well and i needed it. the strada seat is hard and ok for the joy ride but to sit on it for more then 6 hours is a pain. i learnt that on the hawkless trip to the end.

i was inspired to get it from the strada write up in 'motorcycle sport and leisure' from bikebyts. saw last month the same guy pushing it on the GS review.

well i did dingle on the GS and didn't need the hawk. also i'm 6ft and when i tried it out on the standard 1200 seat the additional hight made me tiptoe.

the seat does take getting used to...... one gets less rear end feed back and when braking at first you feel a movement forward. the cushion also stops you moving in your seat on fast corners.

my harley softail riding buddy who has been riding for more the 40 years tried it out and hated it as he likes loads of bum feedback.

the hawk is back in its box. and if you are in the surrey area come try it out and if you like it make me an offer and i'll most likely accept :)
My brother uses an airhawk. All I can say is that I hear a lot less complaining from him now.
My brother uses an airhawk. All I can say is that I hear a lot less complaining from him now.

Either he's sitting on the bike the wrong way or he used to talk sh1t all the time. Your choice! :p

I use an Airhawk cushion when i do my annual long haul European tour every summer and can honestly say it`s the best £150 accessory i`ve ever bought. We all think nothing of spending this sort of money on a carbon fibre widget which has no benefit apart from looking nice, so why not spend it on something which actually improves your riding comfort .What we are paying for is the originality of the concept not the cost of making it.
Just be aware that, if seat height is an issue with you, an Airhawk will raise the seat by a couple of centimetres...

Sounds like an ideal option for those suffering from "nautical miles":D
Air hawk V nature

I found that bumache also used to spoil long rides !
My cure ( apart from staying local ) was a sheepskin coat from a carboot for a couple of quid , I managed to cut this apart and made loads of pads which are both soft and breathable, an added advantage is that they are warm in winter and cool in summer when the bike has been left in the sun. When wet Wring out and either leave on cyl. head or swap for a dry one !

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