Airhawk Seat Pad

Ron Gibson

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Sep 8, 2003
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Peterborough England
Has anyone ordered one of these from the states ? if so can you tell me;
where from,
how much,
best size for pillion on ADV,
how long did it take to arrive.
was it worth it or a waste of money !

Hi never brought one but tried one, recomend you borrow one from someone, to try before you buy as not everyone gets on with them.
Spoke to the manufacturers at the Munich show and you can buy direct from the States on or from the UK via BYKEBITZ on It may be worth checking the German web site as they quoted cheaper prices. Make sure of what you are getting i.e. they are made in plastic or neoprene (the latter is better quality but almost twice as expensive).So make sure if you are paying £120 plus that you are getting the better quality item

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