Akrapovic slip on, on Remus headers; Remus Canada said no.


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May 8, 2005
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Rosedale, British Columbia, Canada
I asked my dealer to order me a Remus header. I have the BMW Akrapovic slip-on, on my 05 1200GS.

Well, some guy from the company who imports Remus says the Akrapovic can will not fit on the Remus header. And he sent a list of Remus cans for the 1200.

My Dealer e-mailed the guy back saying that the Remus web site states that the Remus header will fit to the stock can. My dealer is awaiting a reply.

The Akrapovic slip-on fits just like the stock can and is a BWM part, it should fit the Remus header. Not to mention all the 1200s on this site that have an Akrapovic can on a Remus header.

I can only wonder if the guy just does not know his stuff, or he is trying sell me something that I don't want by lying. Either way, I am not impressed.
The bloke is taking utter cock!

I had the Akrapovic can with the Remus headers, as do many other people, there is no problems with fitment at all.
As our bored compulsive timkerer has said your dealer is talking out of his arse! :mad:

I've had the stock, Laser, Two Bros, Remus and BMW Akra cans paired with my Remus headers and all fit perfectly. Any headers designed to run with the stock can will logically fit with replacement end cans designed to run with the stock headers. FFS.

North go find a new dealer and get them on the bike :thumb

PS: Morning compulsive tinkerer, do you sneak down to the Hotel internet suite early every morning? :augie :D

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