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Jun 10, 2005
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I'm planning another tosser tour to the US for 2012 but this time up to Alaska. The basic details are below:

Depart San Francisco on 8th July 2012 and return 3rd August 2012. This is the best time to get up tp Prudhoe Bay with the weather being pretty good generally in July.

Start and Finish in San Francisco and the route will include, Pacific Coast Hwy, Vancouver, Whistler, Hyder (Salmon Tail Glacier), Up to Prudhoe Bay via the Dalton Hwy, Top of the World Hwy, Alcan Hwy, Icefields Parkway, Glacier National Park, Hells Canyon and lots more. I'm finalising the final route but that will take a wee bit of time and won't be concrete until late in the day. It all depends on road conditions etc at the time of the trip.

The total mileage will be around 8000 miles and there will be around 500 miles of gravel on the Dalton and TOTW Hwy. It's not too hard but it can get tricky if the weather gets cold and wet. There will be some days we will have to get a move on and will be around 500 miles but that is easy up in Canada and Alaska as there is very little traffic and the views around you are superb. I can promise you will not get bored....!!

I've ridden all these roads and know them well and this trip is very do-able and I will programme a few days off in nice places:thumb.

The bikes will be containered there and back and will be loaded in specialy constructed steel frames to avoid damage.

There will be no camping and we will be using motels along the way. They are cheap enough and a whole lot easier than lugging a tent half way across the world but if you want to do a bit of camping, that's no problem.

Let me know if you are interested and I'll give you an idea of the costs you can expect. I already have a few people from this parish signed up so if you fancy the trip, contact me a.s.a.p as the number will be limited.:thumb
Alaskarlass :D

"500 miles of Gravel road" . Ha ha get fooked :rob :eek::bounce1 :pullface :tears
Me interested.....please give me more details/costs etc...ta
How about 7500 mile of rough gravel and 500 straight roads...!!!!!!!!!
You will get us all there then...Even Kev!!:rolleyes:Barney !!:augie:augie
Sounds good tho..
Very interested in doing the ride... but will already be over there. May also have a straggler once the ankle heals!

There will be a tarmac route around the dusty and unstable surface won't there?

Er no, there is only one road to Prudhoe Bay and back. it's @ 500 miles each way and I reckon there is 60% hard packed dirt, 10% gravel and 30% tarmac. The hard packed dirt is no issue and the gravel is only the last 50 miles or so. It's hard packed underneath and no real problem to be honest. We'll be leaving all teh panniers etc back in Fairbanks so you won't be heavily loaded.

If you don't want to do the Dalton, I'll work on a nice road option down to Anchorage:thumb

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