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The wheels on my L reg 1100GS are chromed and are getting a bit flaky now, aside from the fact that they're a pain to clean. Anybody know if you can you fit regular alloys to the 1100GS? Would the wheels from an R1100RS fit?
Boxer-design do a kit which I believe is available from Motor works. Bumped into a guy at the TT this year, had an 1100GS with BMW alloys fitted. Bear in mind the front is a 17". On my wish list to. I have been trying to source something like these....


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thanx for that...just noticed in General Chat "beware stainless spokes" that some others have replaced the wheels from a K12. (Cool Carbon & Animal)

Actually, what's bugging me with mine is that although the chrome wheels were a nice touch when I first saw the bike, they don't last as well as alloy...this winter really affected the whole bike. It's beginning to show it's age really.
5 spoke alloys would be far easier to clean...big bucks though if you include new tyres too.
Yeah the 5 spoke alloys are about £600-£700 for a kit (I think it includes adaptor plates for the brakes etc) but not the tyres. PVM seem to do solid wheels ala above piccie but they seem to be about £2000-ouch
sounds like you need a kit though. I'm going to contact Mike to find out some more, though I've just spent £600 on getting the bike to pass an MOT...
small wheels

before you go out and spend £600 on new wheels check round the breakers first that includes jap bike breakers aswell as bmw breakers I got lucky I picked mine up for £180 for front and back wheels from an 1100s.Andy


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Andy, kewl bike!

I believe some of the models have a speedo driven from the back wheel and so you have to get the front machined to take the drive unit.

I'm not 100% certain about that though.
speedo drive??

i'm pretty sure,like 99.9% that all oilheads have a front wheel driven speedos,you can have the 1100s wheel machined to take the drive from a GS,but I just use a SIGMA 1200.Andy
P.S. I believe the 1100S had 2 sizes of rear wheel (a 5" and optional 5.5") this needs to be born in mind when considering what tyre size you want.
rim sizes

yes your right,there was an option on rim size I have the 5'' rim and I am running a 180 on it which is a tight fit with the swingarm, but you only need the 5.5'' rim if you want to fit a 190 but I don't think it will clear the swingarm on a GS,i'm not sure on that one!!,these wheels are rare enough in 5'' so 5.5'' rims are very hard to come by seconhand as I don't think many people wanted to pay the extra cash when new.Andy
A 190 section 207 GP does fit - just. I happened to have a part worn one and tried it. But I have a hunch that a 180 would have made for slightly quicker steering.

P.S. I'm not recommending the GP for the GS unless you like a very fidgety, squirmy ride!
190 fitment?

Nick, have you got a 5'' or 5.5'' rim on your GS,you say the 190 fits do you mean clears the swing arm or fits a 5'' rim or both? cheers.Andy
The 5" Rim is designed for a 160 or 170, so you're pushing it a bit with the 180, and may risk changing the rear profile too much.

The 5 1/2 is for a 180 or 190, but most bikes run better with a 180 anyway, so 'm sure the GS will be no exception...
My rear rim is a 5.5. The 190 tyre just clears the swing arm. It looks awesome. You can hardly see daylight there, but after a fair few miles there were no rubber marks on the swing arm when I took the wheel off.

I take the point about bikes generally going better with 180s, but in practice I've found this only applies to sports bikes. The GS is relatively immune to the slow steering effect of a 190 because the bars are so wide. I suspect a much bigger factor with the GS is the different profiles used by different tyre manufacturers. E.g. with the Bridgestone Trailwing the bike falls into corners like lightning. But with Avons (my current pseudo-trail tyres) it's slow, steady and progressive.

The only road tyres I've used on a GS are the BT-57, Z1, Azaro, 207 RR and 207 GP. The only time I've used a 190 was with the 207 GP, and the steering couldn't be faulted. I'm a firm believer in 207 RRs and am always relieved to come back to them, especially when the roads are wet. Next time I replace my 207RRs I'll go for a 190 again, just for fun.

anyone wishing to part with a set of alloys please give me a ring on 07774 832321 I need a set complete with tyres discs, speedo drive and abs ring Cash waiting


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