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Okay guys & gals

I have just bought a set of ally wheels from Motorworks/Boxer Design. I rec'd with them a new speedo drive, when doing a dry build prior to getting the wheels coated I noticed that the speedo drive sits further out from the wheel. The bearing seal still seems to seal. Is this normal??
Don't quote me on this, but I think for some alloy wheels the speedo drive has to be machined to fit the GS. Others will have more info....
talk to coolcarbon

hes done this allready..

im in the middle of it,, waiting for my wheels..

depends on weather they are abs or not as well



what bike is the wheel from? some have to be machined to take the drive eg: 1100s front wheel.Andy
Not sure what the wheel is from, but I know the back is an R1100S as it is 5.5 inch (ooer). I bought them brand new through Motorworks.
They should be right then


If you bought them from Motorworks, they should be right!

'Nord' is the man there that is up to speed with this conversion. Give him a bell if something doesn't seem to fit, he will sort it I'm sure.


Alloy wheels

Just fitted a set bought from another member who bought them from motorworks as a kit which now has a genuine part number from BMW, they fitted like a dream the speedo drive fitted and works fine, they look beutiful anyone want any photos of the bike or any componants of the kit send me a pm and i will send the photos


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