Anakee vs. Tourance


Can anybody offer a comparison of Michelin's new Anakee and Metzler's Tourance? I'm using Bridgestone Trailwings now and want something with better max lean performance. :eyebrow
I've just had a new Tourance on the rear of my bike to replace an Enduro4

Combined with the warm weather it is fabulous in comparison.

:D :D :D

Being able to pump it up to full pressure is an obvious advantage over the TyreWeld filled old one!

Pity National Tyres put a big groove in the wheel when removing the old tyre.

Just put a claim in for 500 notes for a replacement plus my wasted time.

Can't comment on the Annakee - I like the Tourance and will stick with them unless there is a big price differential. Wear rate is not something I am too concerned about.

having used Tourances for the last 15k miles, I've been so impressed by their performance that I find it hard to believe there is another tyre to beat them. They grip very well in both the wet & dry, last well (14k on the front so far, 7-8 k on rears) and allow you to do some gentle off-road (although only really in the dry).

The Anakee has had some good write ups but, unless there's another Tourance 'drought', I just don't see the point in swapping from something I rate so highly.


ps Had Trailwings fitted new - they were bloody awful & I was glad to get shot of them:)

My only experience with the Annakee was fitting a set to an Africa Twin, found it made the steering really sharp and wanted to perform like a sport bike, much sharper than the Bridgestone’s they replaced, if that’s what you are after then Yes they will do the trick, they have a high profile for a big trail bike tyre.
I will stick with the Tourance on the gs I find them excellent!

Thanks for the input, fellas. I figger I'll go with the proven Tourance this time 'round.
anakee vs tourance

having just done 15,100 miles on a set of tourances ,tried to replace them but being on backorder,had to have some anakee fitted ,as of to italy on sataday.will be intrested to see how they last.

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