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Mar 20, 2003
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Probably in the office. Again.
I've recently started taking the GS to Andrew for the bits I can't do myself. He's bailed me out on more than a couple of occasions (like the time the bike packed up on the M4 - he just went out and trailered it back, diagnosed the problem, fixed it and let me have it back, all in three days) and his workmanship is brilliant.

He's a proper mechanic rather than just a fitter who bolts bits on, explains everything he's done and nothing ever seems to be too much trouble. He's just wired an additional set of 55w spotlights on the bike, fabricated the brackets from stock steel, soldered all the connections, put a relay in, the whole nine yards. GS now resembles a Christmas Tree, so ideal for London commuting :D He also does some wicked tuning work on GSs... (saving up for that)

But best of all, he's about a minute's walk from Hook Norton Brewery, so you can pick up a bottle or two of something decent while you're there. Don't think he gives lifts home though... :beer:

If you're anywhere in the Midlands or London (about 2hrs away from Hookey), give him a call - can't recommend him highly enough. I've no connection with Andrew apart from as a very satisfied customer - and I'm a bloody difficult sod too.

His number: 01608 730111

If I remember correctly

Andrew Sexton was preparing desert racer GS's in the 80's.
Not so sure that he actually made real Dakar competing desert racers but he certainly produced at least 5 top quality copies of the HPN Dakar bikes. I had the pleasure of owning one for about 4 months – the thing drove me insane with its continual break downs and failures. I don’t think this was anything to do with Andrew Sexton but more to do with airheads! It did look absolutely amazing though (it’s the red and white one in the pic below).

I actually went and visited Andrew about a month ago and have to agree that he really is a top bloke. Knew is stuff inside out.


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Andrew Sexton

Just had my RT serviced by Andy - I have done 6k on it since I got it from SPC and as Andy is local to me I thought I'd give him a go .
He went through the bike with a fine tooth comb and did a great job . One interesting point was that SPC said it had a 24000 mile service before I collected it [ the service book says so as well ] but when Andy showed me the air filter he took off the bike he said there was no way it had been changed - judging by his standard of work and reputation I have no reason to doubt him .

He gave my bike a clean bill of health and I now have the peace of mind knowing that it has been properly serviced - I will be using him again .

Steady Eddie
Cafe racer !

He also dispayed a very cool Airhead Cafe racer at the 2002 NEC show ...... wonder if he's still got it ?

Paul :beer:
cafe racer

Pretty cool that Cafe Racer - 1050cc, Mikunis,Supertrapps, Cosworth forged pistons. £15,000!!!!! Still saving to get my old 100RS into his workshop!

The pub just down the road from him is worth spending time when paying him a visit. The landlord assumes if you turn up on a BM that you're looking for Andrew!
I had the white one....

For a few years. A very well mannered bike that served m the novice road riding skills well.
Fabulous bike.
Trying to find the picks in my Hurricane Ike sodden office.
10,000 trouble free miles in Europe one summer. Lots of off-road in the Pyrenees. I found and fitted the rear Acerbis tank. Sourced from J Watson Miller I think.
Anyhow, it's a while ago but he was a top bloke. I did call him last year trying to find my old bike or trying to get him to source at least the amazing extended single side swingarms he had made. They were made for him by another gentleman who was'nt too keen to do any more I gathered.
Anyhow. He was excellent then and I have fond memories of that well prepared machine.

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