Another 1150 Recall...


Received a letter from dealer today detailing recall on my 03 GS. :( Not sure which bike/engine serial numbers it relates to, but haven't seen this one mentioned here so far.

To quote:

"In some isolated cases the ignition signal can interfere with the signal carried by the oxygen sensor cable. This, in turn, can affect the correct operation of the engine management system causing the engine to miss-fire briefly"

My current bike's a 'UK' model delivered around June/July time. Might be worth checking out if you've a similar vintage bike.

Anyone any further info on this?

Apparently the oxygen sensor cable runs too close to the collector box so the recall call is to re-route the cable.

At the same time you should check about the re-call for the rear brake line (Adventure only I think) I believe there has been one case of a brake line splitting due to the longer travel on the ADV and as a precaution ! this is being changed:confused:

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