Another round the coast challenge... 2 riders, 5 days... with a twist

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Oct 17, 2005
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Reading England
Hi guys:aidan

I've been a silent member on here for sometime now but now feel it is time for a post. A mate and I are planning a charity ride around the coast:hide for the end of November 2007. 26th - 30th.

My mate and I have been discussing our challenge, I have posted a link for further details.

And have come up a bit of a twist... 1,000,000 miles in 5 days!!! Cumulative of course If we get enough bikes to join us for relatively few miles each, ie 10,000 bikes 100 miles each, then we have a good chance. Add to that a donation request of just £5 per bike, then our collection has the potential to be massive.

Participants would be able to join for as long as they like at points TBC enroute, logistics will be a headache but that's part of the challenge.

We'd be starting and finishing in Arborfield, by Reading, and heading in a clockwise direction around the coast.

Question is... would their be much interest from you guys on here? We're putting the feelers out for feedback and hopefully positive interest.
Judging by the 'summer' we've had (not!) the weather should be cracking!

I was thinking of doing something smaller for Children in Need this year but with the recent phone-in scandal I don't know if there'll be one this year!

I'm definitely interested, even if it's a short jaunt along the south coast.

Keep us posted.
Just to say that I know the two guy's who are doing this charity ride personally and would be glad to vouch for them.

BEST OF LUCK with both the RIDE and the SPONSORSHIP


Sounds good to me but can the Irish Section do the Island of IRELAND as part of the gig:nenau
Sounds good to me but can the Irish Section do the Island of IRELAND as part of the gig:nenau

Absolutely. I hadn't thought of that.:thumb2

If someone made a record of numbers, miles etc and it was completed sometime during our week then yeah.


I'm sure a few of us on the Isle of Man could get at least 100 miles out each...and then there are the other bike forums here, Curvy Bikers and so on. I can give them a shout and see what they would like to do to contribute?
keep us informed!
Moo x

Hi Al

The charities involved are Riders for Health and The REME Benevolment Fund
Riders for Health can be found at


I'll do Skye if ye want 100miles round at least or Kyle to Applecross

Give me a shout for oop North:thumb
North West/ Cumbria coast

I'll be glad to do some miles with you!
please keep informed
Morning all.

Well, this idea seems to be developing and growing bigger than I ever imagined. I don't want to say too much, but the basic concept remains and dates will slip. Details too follow

I'm happy to see that there is definate interest:thumb
What happened?

Trust you are OK Adventure Stu- it's gone very quiet!!!!
Yeah all is fine, thanks.:beerjug:

As I said before the idea has expanded somewhat. Long story cut short... We (my mate and I) are talking to PR folk about our idea and an idea they had. The two are merging and it looks like a BIG event may be in the off-ing for next September. We are arranging a meet at the NEC for Monday where hopefully things will firm up a bit.

Watch this space...
Good luck

Good luck in the meeting- next September will soon be here (he thought, hopefully)
please keep me posted- I may be able to do a bit if help is required...
Hi guys.

Unfortunatley this attempt, due to various reasons, has never materialised. I am considering various options, of which doing nothing is not an option. I have already received a considerable amount in sponsorship which I feel needs to be "earned" before I donate it to the charities. Rest assured that every penny physically handed to me has not been touched and will go to it's intended destination.

Many thanks again for the interest and support shown.

I'm back on...

Hi Guys,

Just to keep you updated... As my intent was the same as Jim's Adventure I have asked if he minded me joining his band of merry men on their travels. He has kindly agreed :beerjug:and I will be meeting them in Edinburgh and travelling wth them. Well that's the plan

He has kindly agreed :beerjug:and I will be meeting them in Edinburgh and travelling wth them. Well that's the plan


And as with all good plans it didn't survive first contact:rolleyes:... I now need to be finished by Friday 2nd May and as such will now be riding solo starting off on Monday 28th April.

If anyone is free and interested in joining me at any point, for any distance, your company will be more than welcome.

My route (planned on Mapsource!!!) will be as follows:

Day 1- Arborfield - Poole, Bridport, Liskeard, Lostwithiel, TheLizard, Wadebridge, Barnstaple, Carmarthen, Aberystwyth - Bodelwyddan 713 miles 15hrs 20mins:eek:

Day 2- Bodelwyddan - Cairnryan, Ayr, Crianlarich, FortWilliam, Ullapool, Scourie - Durness 623miles 11hrs 53mins:(

Day 3- Durness - JohnO'Groats, Helmsdale, Inverness, Nairn, GrantownOnSpey, Edinburgh, Berwick-Upon-Tweed - Middlesbrough 543miles 10hrs 36 mins

Day 4- Middlesbrough - Whitby, Bridlington, Grimsby, KingsLyn, Cromer, Lowestoft - Colchester 392miles 9hrs 6mins

Day 5- Colchester - Ramsgate, Folkestone, Hastings, Chichester, Southampton - Arborfield 327miles 8hrs 18mins

I am unsure of where I'll be at any given time enroute but as a general guide I'll be looking at setting off at the following times. The arrival times are without doubt subject to slippage due to traffic, stops etc. Although from experience I usually make up time lost on stops between them:augie

Day1: dep 0500hrs arr @2030hrs
Day2: dep 0700hrs arr @1900hrs
Day3: dep 0800hrs arr @1845hrs
Day4: dep 0800hrs arr @1730hrs
Day5: dep 0600hrs arr @1430hrs

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