Any engineers present :-)


I want to replace my pillion seat with a box (preferably chosen from a selection of different boxes for different purposes).
I asked about this here before (Luggage instead of a pillion seat) and it seems that noone in here has done quite the same thing as RCU.

So I figure my next option is to go to an engineering works and ask what it would cost to make something like this:

But I reckon there are lots of clever people here that can do this sort of thing really well, so I thought I should ask here first.

Is there anyone here who would be willing and able to make a plate (within fittings) similar to the RCU one?
How much would it cost?
What do you think I should get it made from?
Anything else you think might help me?


I adapted the base of a GS pillion seat ( Rainbow gave me one with a torn cover ) a local aluminium fabricators cut me a piece of checker plate for a fiver, which is bolted on using holes already in the seat base using countersunk allen screws to keep a flat surface. They screw into some captive threads from B&Q. As it uses an original seat base fitting or removal is easy. Total cost about eight quid. Will post some pics tomorrow.
Cool, anyone else got a knackered pillion seat that they don't want?
I'd like to be able to have more than one, so I don't know about the scalability of this solution (damn, damn, get out of work).

View from the side, I put a piece of plastic covered closed cell foam (AKA old mouse mat) between the plate and the base to provide a little bit of vibration damping.


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JT On the list

It's on my list already, all I've got to do is finish ten sets of panniers, by hand, design a top box, then make it, finish Paul g's dirt bike off, and make 101 other things for other people, and then I'll be onto the racks. If someone out there has got a bucket of vaseline I can borrow, then I can stick the broom up my arse and sweep up at the same time. Watch this space.:D
If i supply the vaseline do i get a free set of panniers................

(any one seen a squadron of pigs anywhere ....................)
Free panniers

Of course you can have a free set of panniers my man, being as you asked so nicely (pigs fed, ready for flight) How much vaseline do you get for £600 these days:D

i wonder what an engineer would do with £600 worth of vaseline...............

suggestions please on a messageboard..................

(this could now get rather silly me thinks................)
Re: JT On the list

Vern said:
It's on my list already. Watch this space.:D

Great, that should just about fit with my being able to pay for such a thing.
Any idea how much they'll cost?

Not a clue how much they'll cost, have you any ideas of what you want exactly, I've got a couple of ideas in my head, I'll make one in the not to distant future and we can go from there.How does that sound.
£600 of vaseline would be used by this engineer to insert adventure luggage systems up bwm designers arses:D
Sounds fine, thanks.
The RCU plate is pretty much what I'm looking for, so that I can stick a variety of different boxes onto it myself.
I definitely want it to extend back over both the pillion seat and the pathetic little rack on the back.

Hi, how m uch does the plate thingy cost ?
If someone suppied me with dimensions and how its fixed, i could copy it and make them. Looks about £50 worth to me .
what is it - 5mm h30 al. plate ?

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