any one got a sport integral bmw helmets


any one got a sport integral bmw helmets

Hi Guys I was in a bm dealer the other day and tried on a sport integral lid it was really,really comfy and looked very nice.
Any one on here got one,what are they like for quietness etc any feed back please.
I'm thinking of getting one but made so many mistakes in the past.
Current lid is a quantam f which has been really good but is now past it's sellby.
The bm lid is 1/2 the price of a new arai. :beerjug: blu.
Iv had one for about 5m now - it is quiet and still fits very nicely. One caution is that it can fog up - get a fog city fitted and no worries after that.
Happy with mine now, partic. now that the tight padding has eased slightly. I bought a tinted visor in Germany which helps cos there's a wide field of view. And nice and light.
I've had one for about a month now and it fits really well. If you put your head in clean air (ie stand on your pegs) you'll find it's really quiet. Trouble is, it's difficult to get clean air on a GS! I had a Quantum but I prefer the Sport Integral.

I tried that but sadly it wasn't any better. This did surprise me! I'm only 5'8" mind you, so even with the screen off I'm catching it off the deflector. I've carried out all sorts of experiments (no screen, Tobinators with standard screen, Tobinators with standard screen but top lip cut off, Tobinators with standard lip cut off and Laminar Lip added, Givi screen, etc...) along the A36 Bath to Warminster Rd. I am currently resigned to Tobinators, standard screen (cut down) plus Laminar Lip. Not a bad combination, but not as good as standing on the pegs!
Wots a "laminar lip"? Started off pretty happy with my standard screen but now I've had the bike a couple of weeks, just beginning to wonder about the options!
Re: laminar lip

The Foolish Fellow said:
this was invented by mr. harry laminar in 1948 after riding a bike during ww2 and suffering constantly from colds because of the draft


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