Any suggestions for improvement?

the toilets were pretty bad. surprised they get away with such a shithole in this H&S obsessed age TBH. i would have to be desperate before i used them for more than a piss, and i'm not fussy.
still, the hotel didn't seem to care about anyone using their facilities. showers were more of a problem unless you borrowed one from someone with a room.

didn't have the breakfast.

grass must have ben a pain when it was wet, but was comfy to sleep on :)

food was ok.

so just the camp site "facilities" really.
Tbh, the whole place could do with a facelift, dont think the decor has been touched in absolutely yrs! I was informed of a couple of showers upstairs so decided to use one Saturday morning but the water never drained away at all so I resorted to using the one next door, dont think h&s would be too pleased to see an electric socket in there mind :eek:
My shower was ok in the bunkhouse:augie
Comfy beds/warm duvets etc too:D

Name tags would be ok, to be able to greet newer members of the Forum
I think the marking could have been a bit better on the road ride. We were towards the back and came across a few unmarked junctions in the morning. Luckily we're local and more or less knew the route and could show the way to the other lost souls we came across. I wonder if everyone knew who the back marker was as they certainly b*ggered off before everyone had come through. Thoroughly enjoyed it though.

As far as the campsite goes I wasn't too unhappy. I'm sure we can blackmail them into cutting the grass next time. They can't want to turn away a group of that size now that they know us, and we won't go again unless we have Wimbledon quality turf, will we? There were showers if you hunted for them and I've been in worse toilets. It was only for two nights anyway. I can't see them making major structural changes for us. Perhaps IluvmyGS was right - we need to take some CIF Domestos and Marigolds!
stickers for me too paul ..

shorter grass would have made the camp site nicer?
better weather but hey it brightend up!

and finally no probs with the breakfasts, plenty of sossiges/bacon/beans/breadrolls/black pud /mushrooms..

and small furry things to clean out the pans after!!!

still a top place the staff were not grumpy and were willing to help ..
The meal on Saturday night was really nice but I was still starving at the end of it (mind you I did miss my breakfast and didn't eat anything until that meal).

Made it for breakfast on Sunday (last one in) - Someone should let them know that Sausages usually have meat in them...... cheapest of the cheapos they were.

Oh and my room - I had booked a single room and was faced with a four poster and another bed too:augie

Friday night buffet was excellent, bar prices okay for a hotel... couldn't believe it when they said the bar was closing and it was still half full of residents:nenau:nenau (blessing in discuise though:rolleyes:).

I must admit I did miss the fact that Aidan and Ronno were not there to do the old Charity raffles and auction at the meal as it is always good fun:thumb

All in all a fantastic weekend, great company and great craik.

Roll on GOTC:clap
First, a big thanks to paul for organising the event.
This was my first [tossers] do, so name tags would be a good idea.
Most of the improvements have been listed regaurding the camp site but all in all not bad.
Sticker for me too.

:beerjug: Dave
Every time i saw you coyotedave, you had a drink in yer hand.
Good to meet you and should see you at Lumb Farm yes
Jeez - 73 responses! It must have been a crappy affair . . :thumb
Yeah but only 5 issues raised :D

The lawn mower hit a manhole cover last week while cutting the drive, the result was a load of smashed blades that had to be repaired, it didn't arrive back from the repairers until yesterday :blast
Yeah but only 5 issues raised :D

The lawn mower hit a manhole cover last week while cutting the drive, the result was a load of smashed blades that had to be repaired, it didn't arrive back from the repairers until yesterday :blast

And of the five, I don't think any of them will keep many people away next year. Certainly not me. :thumb
(Done it now, cue mechanical catastrophe, tropical monsoon, foot and mouth, a nationwide alcohol shortage and a date clash with something utterly unmissable.)
Would of been nice to of been able to get scrubbed up proper in the evenings and put on some decent clothes. I felt as though I was at Glastonbury festival :augie Felt even worse when I finally got to meet Karen (Duchess) as she looked lovely, sorry Karen that in nicks words I looked like a bag of s**t, I dont normally look like that on a night out .....nick says I look far worse :handbag :D

dont be so hard on yerself you looked lovley, as a matter of fact all the ladies looked lovely :hug makes an event much nicer with the ladies present , better than lookin at a load a fat tossers :augie :aidan
brassmonkey & I purposely passed on the appetiser to enable us to get into next years levvers...:augie

Nah you were just saving room for all that alcohol that you forced me to drink with you ;)

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