any west glam gs riders out there?!


hi, my name is mark. after 30 yerars, and aprox 70 diferent bikes i have finaly found the perfect one, a 1150 GS Adventure. i would like t contact other riders in my area (west glam) for ride outs etc. many thanks

Not quite west glamorgan BUT

originally from haverfordwest. Now living just off J30 of the M4 so I pass you a lot :)

Almost always up for a nice ride out somewhere with other GS riders.


hi there mate

you got anuther two here swansea and ammanford jus drop us a line anytime..
Another from Ammanford

Yes, only a few miles up the road.
I could be out for a spin this coming Sunday!

Steve G
I’m in Swansea just off Jct.46 on the M4 and a novice GS’er having owned an 1150 for just over a week having been riding a F650ST for the last 3 year it’s a completely different experience and would be to nice to meet up with other GS’er


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