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Hello all

I have the chance of picking up a Garmin GPSIII for £90. Is this a good system? A fair price? What maps does this system support?

All help is appreciated.


You can get the full spec on the GPS III on the Garmin Website.
I don't have any personal experience of this unit but be aware that the map memory is only 1.44Mb and will not hold much mapsource detail.
If it's not too late - do it!

I have a III+ and couldn't live without it. Yeah the memory could be bigger, but I've used mine all over the world, (on the GS in North America and Europe) and in a car everywhere else.

For 90 quid it's a steal.

Don't forget if you want more detail/info you can always plug it in to your laptop/pda (obviously more suited for a car...)

Can I just repeat - buy it!

If you want more info on how it can be used etc, just give me a shout.

A damn good buy

If you can get the GPSIII for 90 quid then do it. We're on a UK to Oz trip via Africa and have used ours every leg of the journey and now find it indispensible.

Not only that, whilst in Kenya travelling at 120 kmh we hit a pothole the size of a small open cast mine and involuntarily ejected the unit from its handlebar mount and remarkably it still works AND is still waterproof - awesome piece of kit.

The only thing is, you could buy an Etrex new, with guarentee for £99 in TCR, and I think you'll find it does everything the 3 does and more.
Buy it!!! - but make sure it's not got the US base map, or if it has, you can load in the world map (not too accurate) or get a copy of Roads & Recreation UK or Europe. You wont be able to load all maps in due to meagre (1.44 Megs) memory, but you can load in enough to get by with.
The £99 Etrex wont have any maps and will be unable to load any.

Check Ebay for prices. GPS III's usually go for £120 upwards

Just to add my four penny worth....

The "Roads & Recreation" maps can only be loaded onto the GPSIII+. I was under the impression that the unit in question nwas a GPSIII. No additional maps can be loaded on the "pre +" model.

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