Anyone compared Schuberth/BMW flips against Caberg Justissimo

Ghost Rider2

In the market for a flip front. Anyone out there owned or ridden with both for a comparison. Heard comments that the BMW feels like having your head in a gold fish bowl. I tried the Caberg on and it felt like a full face.
Crap answer for you I'm afraid,,,,,,,never had the Caberg but have had the Schuberth for well over a year now. Superb build quality, superb all round vision due to 'goldfish bowl' type visor aperture. Great integral sun visor.......

Had the Caberg J1 comfortable but heavy the new one looks good but I got the new light weight Arashi which is comfortable as well but they are all fairly noisey. The Schuberth has got a good reputation for being quiet. Using an HJC at work which seems ok. Sorry not much help!
I find the Schuberth a bit noisy compared to BMW system (Schuberth make them for BMW) but the flip down sun visor is brilliant and I wear ear plugs to combat the noise.

If I could find a quieter Flip front lid with a flip down visor then I`d buy one but so far.....
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JohnN said:
The Schuberth has got a good reputation for being quiet.

*sound of choking* Schuberth Concept - quiet?? I think not! The consistent complaint about this otherwise excellent helmet is that it is very noisy. Schuberth are aware of the snag and are producing a re-designed Concept ( the C2), which will be available for sale sometime next summer. The C2 is on show at the NEC, at the Headlynz stand, according to the importer (but not yet for sale)

Mike:) (on my third Concept - very impressed by them...)
System 4

system 4
Had mine for 3 years complete with the open face kit, I've tried others and for me the 4s the best so far, and Mikes right about the scuberth being noisy.

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roadrider said:
system 4
Had mine for 3 years complete with the open face kit, I've tried others and for me the 4s the best so far

Could`nt agree if they just had a flip down sun visor...........
Caberg No thanks

Tried a Caberg Justisimo, nice helmet really comfy and dark visor system works well. Unfortunately the visor leaked, no sorry it didn't leak it just allowed rain to pour down the inside of the visor. Took it back to my local dealer. He sent it back to whoever it is they send them back to and got a brand spanking new one a week later. I asked him to check it before taking it out of the shop and it was exactly the same. With the visor closed you could slide a beer mat in between the top of the visor and the helmet. My man there said I can't sell you that cos it's not fit for purpose and gave me a full refund. So I now own another Shoei Syncrotec that comes with Shoeis version of a fog city. Absolutely perfect don't really understand why I went for a Caberg in the first place. May have been because of some drivel a bike journo wrote who never tried it in the rain.
On every helmet I've ever owned the visor has been adjustable.
Is it not so on the Caberg Justi ?
MCN today, free H/Ger catologue,,,,shoei syc flip-up down to £175. saving ,,£75, .
you pays your money etc,,
Oh poo!!!

Got my friend to bring in his Caberg Justy to check out the visor 'leak problem'. He said it was fine even in heavy rain so.......I poked my credit card down the top of the visor to scientifically see if there was a gap - don't ask it was in my hand at the time.

Two days later he flips his lid (joke?) at me saying his visor now leaks. Oooops. So i ask him has he been playing with the helmet since my credit card probe. He says he's fitted a 'Fog City' since so I told him one of my visors leaked after I'd fitted one! He went away quietly. Who said little white lies hurt?

Looked at Shoei Syncro at Hein Gericke in the sale but the looks are very dated and there's no sun visor.

The Schuberth is getting slagged for its excess noise and the BMW doesn't have a sun visor.

I'm right back where I started. Considering another Arai but the practicality of the flip up keeps bugging me.

How long do I have to wait for the new Schuberth? I believe it was at the NEC. My credit card told me I couldn't go though!
Ghost Rider2 said:

How long do I have to wait for the new Schuberth? I believe it was at the NEC. My credit card told me I couldn't go though!

June next year, apparently - will also be about £80 more....

If you wear earplugs* then the noise levels of the current Concept are not a problem...


*and if you don't - you should :D
I bought a Justissimo just after they came out. I've had no problems with water leaking (but then again I've never tried to push a credit card between the visor and the helmet to destroy the rubber seal:D )

It's comfortable enough for me. Reasonably quiet and at £150 it's not too expensive.

The best bit though is the flip down black visor. Fantastic.


Spoke to the guys at schuberth at the show, they said the new lid would be out march or april, i tried the new lid on, and even in the NEC it was quieter than the existing one. There was some suggestion that the caberg is tested as an open face helmet to pass the impact tests, and that the strength in the chin piece is not as great as some.. I do'nt know how much truth there is in this. I think i'll wait for the new schuberth.....:confused:
Just rode down to h/gericke to buy a shoei syncro , and there all sold out, SH-T SH=T .
Now where did I see the shuberth`s being sold cheep ??.:confused:
If you know what size you want, I think that Moto-Plus are amongst the cheapest. I bought my current Concept from them in August for £210 (ish) delivered. They're a German company that ships to this country and have proved an excellent firm to deal with....

Got a Justisimmo at the Bike Show (shite before you ask!) in Belfast 2 weeks ago.
Managed to get one for 120quid so for that price I wasn't taking a gamble..
I'm a medium and it was a good fit compared to most other flips I tried. No problem with tight chin like Roof Boxer and good visability (can see lower than my old Airroh).

Went towards Enniskillen at the weekend and noticed that there was a constant breeze hitting my noze even with all vents and visor completely closed.
Seems good for not fogging, but this is probably due to the breeze. Strangly noticed a small pool of condensed water at bottom of Visor after a while. Better than fog though!

As for noise, it's not great... Not noticably better than me auld Airroh. But not too bad.

In fairness, it's probably not a great winter helmet, but should be a great summer helmet. Good Comfort and good ventilation.
And for 120quid.. Can't really go wrong anyway.. There are some places online doing them for this price.

I'm strating to give up on the idea of Winter/Summer gear...
I think I'll just get dedicated summer gear and dedicated winter/wet gear..

So any suggestions out there for a cheapish Winter-never fog up-waterproof-leakprof helmet? (Flip of non filp..)

Also- Good dedicated winter clothes (so no poncy labels and no removable lining)
Had me Justissimo several months now and love it. The built in visor is SUPERB. It never mists, even staionary at -3 with visor down.
Two probs. I had a medium Just1 Caberg, perfect fit, a medium justissimo was agony, had to chance to large (good local dealer), the 'badges' have all dropped off (so what) and it seems to smear when wiped in shite weather (dark) but maybe me gloves, or age ! ;) Top helmet for price, vents seemed good in summer heat too, a big :thumb

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