Anyone know the way to go to Garmish


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May 25, 2004
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Bridgend, South Wales
Hi everyone,

Me and an 1150rt are off to Garmisch for the BMW festival, this year 1st july.

None of us have toured before. We are heading from South Wales on the 1st of July, taking the chunnel although nothing has been booked yet. We are booking accomadation on the way.

Has anyone been before/going this time from here.

Has anyone got any advise (route, accomadation)

What was the festival like?

anything really
I don't, but SHE does...
And she doesn't talk back if I don't agree :D

About 2 hour ride from Munich, not far along the romantic road from here...................


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We're going too. Got an exhibition tent thingy - and more importantly fridge filled with cervezas frias (ok, wrong lanaguage . . . .errrmmm . . . that's the latino travel)):beerjug:

The GSA is on display, if you haven't yet admired its sleek beauty, 40k miles and, oh, the contraversial ali panniers!. Anyone there, drop in and say "guten tag"

Follow me and two other BWM chaps - we go at the same time but the ferry is a lot cheaper and only takes about an hour longer. A one night stops over in France and then on to Garmisch the next day. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ACCOMODATION SORTED!! - either in Garmisch Partenkirchen itself or in the neighbouring village of Grainau. If you need any further help give me a call on 07976 - 814187.

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