Anyone used LimeWire ?

I stopped using it a while back. It was a pretty good client for the Gnutella P2P network - I stopped using it when they decided to stick adverts etc in it - I now use Shareaza ( which supports the Gnutella1/2/Emule networks (and BitTorrent torrent files).

I believe Limewire can still be used for "private" networks within the Gnutella network - by setting unique "handshake" values - possibly a bit easier than setting up a FTP site.

I've been using it for a few months and it's great.........No problems at all. Even the wife uses it.

My boy uses it. Can't fault it.

I challenged him the other night to find a 70's Punk song called 'Turning Japanese'

Within 5 minutes he had told me it was by The Vapours, downloaded it from Limewire, and burned it onto a CD.

Can't be bad!

Hi Jon,
Limewire is great , pretty much get what you want there, music programs or even movies if you have broadband and a big HD.
It work much better in the evenings and week-ends as it is a shire site it needs to be busy to work well. Only word of warning I do not leave it on over night for example, I did have a few glitches when I left it for hours unattended.
Enjoy and Happy Christmas.


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