Anyone using Dunlop Roadsmart tyres?


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Sep 4, 2007
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Berkshire, England
I read a review of these triple compound tyres in MCN last year which was glowing.

A Dunlop flier fell out of this month's Bike magazine and I see that they produce them in sizes to fit the GS.

I wondered if anyone has got them fitted and if so how they rate them?


I have got Road Smarts on my FJR 1300, They are stonking amazing tyres, I push that puppy hard round corners and it wont budge, great on those really cold wet mornings too, bets tyres I have ever riden on 10 thumbs up from me. I would have put them on the gs but I am not sure if they do the front sizes, they didnt when I looked.
...I have a set on my K12R and I agree with Colin, they are excellent tyre, in the wet and in dry, providing a massive amount of confidence.

Easily better than PR2 they replaced and they were cheaper.

I also found they made my bike turn in my quicker - I've done 5k already there is plenty of tread left. I expect to get another 5K at least.
I am very eager to hear of any fitted to a GS 12, or similar bike.

The motorcycle press have been giving the Roadsmarts rave reviews.

Just holding back on my idea of Conti Road Attacks, after hearing the good reports on the new dunlops.

Im currently putting up with my OE Trailwings, and almost ready to pull them of after a few twitches and small slides.
I don't do any of road, and would prefer the handling of a good set of road tyres.
I don't do any of road, and would prefer the handling of a good set of road tyres.

I am the same but actually the tourances have been brilliant on road, no moments at all, doing an IAM track day on them soon so that will test them out :beerjug:
Hi Tossers
I have tried BT010-BT020-Continental ROADATTACK-Dunlop ROADSMART all on 17 inch rims.
(Used & abused 1150. 85K more reliable & cheaper to run than any caucasian man)

BT020 nearly as good as BT010 but with longer life & good on wet roads

ROADATTACK gave more dry confidence than 020 but didn't last as long. Not so good when wet with a couple of moments. Dry grip very good until worn then more difficult to place bike accurately & felt loose. (bit like me)

ROADSMART Very similar to fresh Roadattacks but unbelievable when on the shoulder with a more comfortable ride. I cannot judge for wear as only 500 mostly dry miles round the mountains yesterday

ROADSMART best of the lot so far for outright dry grip.

Remember the road is a public place so ride accordingly no road tyre is good on worn roads, diesel, gravel or bullshit.

Stay horny & keep safe :handbag

I was ran the new Bridgestone tyre (Battlewing ithink) which in any case was the trail verison of the 020 on my 12GS before I traded it in and it was pretty good...Better than tournances which I had used for 60K.

...I thought wet grip on of the PR2 was good but in comparison to the new Dunlop RS, it doesnt get a look in and based on the wear rate so far, I expect to get similar mileage as the PR2, which was massive....

I would suggest that once a couple of you guys try out the dunlops, it will become the tyre of choice.....

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