Arai Off road lid ?


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Jul 7, 2004
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My old Lazer X-pro 4 is getting tatty and a bit naff! So whats it to be an Arai, at £350 are they worth it for Dirt Ditching???

I like the Lazer but you know when you want a change...........


I dont like that Arai lid with the visor , dont look right but the one for the same price without visor looks classy!
Anyone know where i can get one cheap On the web or in the S.E .
Tried it on at KTM sussex motorcycles but he would not budge on £340. :nono :argue
i have used both the Arai helmets.
They are both great,but the one with the visor seems to fit me better,also i think that the visor will be a god send when riding home after a long day trial riding in the winter:)
No more cold wet face for the long run home on the tarmac.
I also got the one with the visor for £250,which was cheeper than the VX pro.:beerjug: Dazzer
If you are not bothered about the colour and know what size there were a heap on ebay the other day in a dealer clearout

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