OK here's the story - the definitive answer for Tour X contemplators!!

Had a look at the TOUR X and put one on order from Infinity in Holborn. They called me 3 weeks ago but I've only just picked it up.

Rode home tonight and BLIMEY what a difference it makes versus my Shoei Raid. It's no quieter for sure but there's a huge reduction in buffeting. I was worried that the peak would cause problems but it's as if it's not there at all. I can only imagine that it's due to the more angular shape.

So basically - a helmet that matches the bikes "unusual and aggressive" looks with the added benefit of smoothing out the ride - BUY ONE NOW!!

p.s. tried the new BMW SportIntegral lid last weekend but it's no good for us "eggheads" - I could'nt get my chin under the lining!!!
I've seen a variety of comments from people indicating that they get a lot of buffeting with the standard screen, but I find it perfectly ok.

There is some wind noise with my Shoei TXR, but no more so than when on any other bike. Guess it depends on how tall you are etc.
How much do they cost ? It looks the biz ....but at what price ?
It aint cheap!!

£290.00 plain black

BTW - Also using MRA screen on low/low setting
I'm 6' 2"

Will post some pics tommorow.
I took a look at arai's site - the Tour X looks good. I may check around over here and see what the prices are like. I have been thinking of getting an MX hemet for a while but I don't like goggles so this is just the job.
I'm looking forward to the pics when you have them .
Great looking lid; perfect posing kit. They may be good for the type but compared to a more traditional lid they are noisy, uncomfortable and a really bad on the motorway or high speed cross country. Short trips only!
I'll try again!!


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That Number plates ilegal boyo, change it NOW.

those hemets are going up in PHEONX next price rise very soon £350

Charlie Batty picks his up from Bridge Motorcycles Saturday £269.99p ALL WHITE.
Whilst they do look pretty funky, what benefits do they offer over a 'normal' lid?
Absolutely none whatsoever that I can find!!!

Just looks pukka (IMHO)
Try a decent proper cross helmet for around a ton and wear a pair of motocross goggles, pro grip from hein gericke, iridium for sun , plain clear for dim, total £150 all in. Bargin
Arai Tour X

Bought the wife one last year.Borrowed it last weekend,went out & bought my own last monday.Brilliant lid!!!
Mine's arriving tomorrow, can't wait.

I've been using my battered Premier off road helmet and goggles on the GS for some time now in preference to an Arai Quantum F.

I find that although my eyes are sensitive to bright sunlight the peak is as useful as a tinted visor or sun glasses in reducing glare. Hopefully the Tour X will a great compromise.

Tim (with yet another dent in his Visa card)
Mine arrived today. Ask no more questions just buy one they are brilliant. Probably not so good at very, very high speeds with cross winds etc. but for touring and general hooning around it's just what I wanted.

Here we are out today, getting used to each other.



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I finally got around to looking at one of these Tour X lids today. Firstly the price.....ouch ! Not the most expensive on the shelf but not far off - Euro 490 (GBP 350) for plain silver .

I was really surprised at the size. I have always had to by XXL 64cm size helmets. I can't normally get my head into anything smaller. The Tour X size XL even felt a bit large. The shop didn't have an L so I need to check if it would be the best fit. This means 60cm size - is my head shrinking ???:confused:

The disappointment was the finish. I was very unimpressed with the paint finish especially around the air vents. The finish was very poor and in fact on both the examples I looked at the finish has put me off . I have been thinking about getting a really good lid and having it airbrushed to have my own design so maybe the paint finish isn't such an issue if I do this but I would have expected better from a lid of this price. I still like the syle and will look around elsewhere in case these two were just part of a bad batch ......but check carefully before you buy

I see on the visorshop site that there are only XL's as the biggest. I use a XXL Raid. What is the XL size like compared to you Raid?

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