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Boy Racer

Hi guys. Great site.This is my first post so forgive my mistakes. I'm heading over to England for two weeks with work. Does anyboby know the best place to shop for Adventure spares in England. Over here I have been burned badly with mail orders and internet buys. We don't have the selection of accessories you guys in the States and Europe have. I will be in the Wigan/Worcestershire area but I will travel anywere in the UK.
I'm chasing ohlins shocks(set-up), steering stops for front wishbone, after market performance chip(currently running staintune exhaust) and any other gadet that will improve the adventure or me.
I have been a freeloader reading this site for the past 2 years and found you guys to be the greatest source of information on the GS. My wife dosn't like you all that much and cannot understand why I have to modify my Adventure after reading a fourm on somthing.I guess it's a girl thing.
Thanks for reading
Boy Racer
Steering stop.


They have a place in south wales.. and will have the steering stop. Not sure on the chip or the Ohlins though.. hope that helps..
Hi Boy Racer,

I live quite near to Wigan (the land of pie eaters) so if you need any help whilst you're over here just zap me a mail and I'll contact you.

If you order a kebab in Wigan you'll get three pies on a stick!

If you order a chefs grill you'll get a meat pie, steak pie & pork pie!



Reggie (AKA The Cameraman)

KAIS are in Atherton - nearish to Wigan.
Web site here

You may need to order in advance
My wife dosn't like you all that much

:tears :tears :tears :tears

Whyzat then???

PS She'll like us a whole lot more when she meets us if she's coming over too.......we can appear to be a stroppy bunch online but it's all hugs and kisses and lurve when we meet up ;)

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