Auto route not working?

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Jan 15, 2003
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When using the autoroute facility to return home, the autoroute just kept on processing for 20 minutes at a time, and when the mapping appeared it then went off again after a few seconds.
There were enough tiles loaded into the GPS V for the routing to work as I already had a route loaded.

Does the system always give you a route back (home) so long as the tiles cover the area you are going to?

Is there a known fault for locking up?

Do I need to upgrade any software?
Now its funny that you should post this coz mine has started doing the same thing?

I have the SPIII and it has always worked ok when it was in auto "off-route recalculating" mode. But I have recently set it to ask me if I want "off-route recalculation?".

Since then, everytime I say yes to recalculate a route, the unit just locks up? The little "flag" symbol in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen comes up but does not move? The only way to clear it is to switch the GPS off and then back on again, any other button does not do anything?

When the unit comes back on it resumes back on the route that it was doing before it was odd?

I have now set it back to "off-route recalculating" mode to see if it does it in that mode now as well.

The V is a little different, (re-route is auto, I think) but when it came back on it wanted to send me onto roads with no mapping installed, so it was fun. (not)

When you downloaded the maps to the V, did you tick the box that says "Include Route Calculation Data".

You have the option to/not to.

If you don't, the unit doesn't "do" routing properly and comes up with funny routes.

I normally don't include route calculation, as is severly restricts the amount of mapping. You can see the difference by ticking/unticking the box.

I create any routes I know or think I'm going to use and download them that way.
:beerjug: Jon, I will check that, not sure if I did or not.

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